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Frozen Yogurt Program for Schools, By Soft Serve Solutions

Soft Serve Solutions has partnered with Honey Hill Farms to offer a frozen yogurt program for schools.  Details can be found here.

According to the website, Soft Serve Solutions offers a Spaceman USA soft serve machine free of charge with the purchase of frozen yogurt mix.  Over 20 flavors of Honey Hill Farms frozen yogurt are available to choose from.  Each of the flavors meet USDA Smart Snack food guidelines.

What’s included?

SSS frozen yogurt program for schools will include the following:

  • frozen yogurt machine from Spaceman USA
  • frozen yogurt liquid mix from Honey Hill Farms
  • training on how to properly use the machine
  • service and warranty
  • seven day a week technical support
  • maintenance program includes preventative maintenance, sanitize solutions, lubricant, and wearable parts

What does it Cost?

Soft Serve Solutions has made a very simple program for schools to participate in.  Your only cost is for the frozen yogurt product.  Cost is calculated by ounce, product comes in cases with 4 gallons each.  Each flavor is approved USDA Smart Snack – this is a great opportunity for members of the School Nutrition Association to bring in a healthy fun program to their school district.

Soft Serve Solutions School Frozen Yogurt Program

Soft Serve Solutions offers a Frozen Yogurt Program for schools which includes equipment, product, and training.

About Soft Serve Solutions

From website:

Soft Serve Solutions was created to help independent restaurants, ice cream shops, frozen yogurt shops, schools and hospitals with offering soft serve products to their customers. Through our experience and network of resources we have many solutions to help your business succeed and grow. It is our mission to offer personal service to each of our customers all while reducing cost and delivery times of products and services. We are a family owned business that values our employees and customers. We take the time to care for our customers’ needs. It is our passion to deliver the best quality products and services in the frozen beverage and soft serve industry.

For more information on Honey Hill farms or Spaceman USA please see previous blog posts and reviews.