Review of Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt Mix!

Review of NancI’s Frozen Yogurt Mix!!!

Whenever I go into a frozen yogurt store I am curious to see what type of frozen yogurt mix they use.  Last month I had a delicious mix of chocolate and low fat vanilla. The yogurt tasted perfect! It was creamy, cold, and had a delicious clean and rich flavor.  It was not too sweet and it also did not leave a poor aftertaste. I asked the cashier what product they used and she told me Nanci’s. This young lady was very helpful and gave me a little bit of background on Nanci’s frozen yogurt mix. She shared that the customers have always complimented on the stores flavors and that she has not heard of any of their customers being unhappy with the frozen yogurt product.

I believed it. My cup of fro-yo was delicious. The chocolate was dreamy and the vanilla was velvety! I wanted to share my experience with you guys because the one thing that left me shocked is that Nanci’s frozen yogurt is a dry powder mix!! Dry powder mix? Yes it is a powder base and all you need to do is add water!!! I thought this was amazing that a powder base mix could taste so creamy, milky, and fluffy!

After talking to the store employees about the frozen yogurt mix they used I went home and did a little research and contacted Nanci’s. I emailed the owner and he got back to me right away which showed me professionalism and dedication to his company. He was more than happy to give me information on his frozen yogurt mix so that I could share it with The Frozen Yogurt Review readers.

Before I go into what Nanci’s provides I want to thank the company for being so open and sharing to all the blog readers what their company offers!


Base Mix:

Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt mixes are all dry powder base mixes that you add to water. There are 9 base mixes, which include:

  • Non-Fat and Low-Fat Vanilla
  • Non-Fat Chocolate
  • Neutral Plain Tart and Premium Tart
  • Non-Dairy Sorbet
  • Non-Dairy Vanilla
  • Non-Dairy Vegan Chocolate
  • Stevia Vanilla (no sugar added)
  • Stevia Chocolate (no sugar added)



More than 100 liquid flavor concentrates you can add to the base mix. The flavorings include everything from Mango to Salted Caramel.

Nanci's Frozen Yogurt Mix

Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt Mix

Mixing Instructions:

1. Slowly pour one bag of Nanci’s base into 2 gallons of water (or 2.5 gallons for NSA mix) while stirring vigorously with a wire whisk. Or you can use an immersion blender.

2. If using flavoring, measure out 6 oz. of flavor and stir it into the mix.

3. Pour the prepared frozen yogurt mix into a soft-serve machine.


Nanci’s is known for creamy and smooth texture, a wide variety of flavors, and excellent health benefits.


Frozen Yogurt Mix Review

 Health Benefits:

Nanci’s has better or equivalent nutritionals than any frozen yogurt on the market. Benefits include:

  • Sweetened with either fruit sugar or stevia, which does not cause blood sugar spikes and is better for diabetics.
  • Low calorie.
  • Active cultures that are protected in the dry form at warm temperatures.
  • No fat or low fat.





Base mixes are packed with 5 bags per case. Each bag makes 2.5 gallons of yogurt mix or 360 ounces by weight.

Flavorings come in Half Gallon or Gallon sizes.

Nanci’s products are Kosher and Halal certified.


Nanci’s Packaging


Nanci’s mixes, including flavoring, cost between 6-7 cents per ounce. For orders within the United States, shipping is included.


About Nanci’s: 

Nanci’s has been making premium frozen yogurt mixes for more than 25 years. They sell products throughout the U.S. and in more than 25 countries internationally. They are family owned and operated with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Contact Information:

1-800-788-0808 or 480-834-4290

I hope you found this review helpful!

How to Get Started Using Instagram for Your Frozen Yogurt Business!!


Instagram for Your Frozen Yogurt Business

This post is going to be for your frozen yogurt business. Are you an owner of a frozen yogurt business? If so continue reading this blog post. I will teach you how to use Instagram for your frozen yogurt business!

Instagram is a great tool to use for marketing and advertising for your frozen yogurt business. Undoubtedly you have heard of Instagram in this extremely connected world that we live in, but just in case you haven’t, Instagram is a social media application where users post pictures of their everyday lives to share with their friends.


Funny Frozen Yogurt eCard!

One of the biggest trends on Instagram is to share pictures of meals or desserts with friends, which is the perfect opportunity for your frozen yogurt business to interact with your customers.

In order to use Instagram for your business, you must have a smartphone or a tablet that has the capability to download applications. Unfortunately, Instagram is only viewable on a computer that is connected to the internet and you cannot upload photos onto it from there.

Once you download the Instagram app (either on Google Play or the app store on an iPhone or iPad), you will need to make an administrative account for your business. Make sure that your username is recognizable by your customers and be sure to upload a profile picture that represents your business well.


Colorful Instagram Cone – Frozen Yogurt Art!

Instagram will then ask you to link an existing Facebook and Twitter accounts to find friends. If you have an existing Facebook page or Twitter account for your business, then it is recommended that you link them to your Instagram account so you can be friends with your customers and supporters. If you don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account for your frozen yogurt business (or if you don’t want to link them together) then you can manually search for Instagram friends later. Once you have added your friends, you should be able to click on the home button on the app and view all of their photographs.


Delicious looking frozen yogurt concoction!

Now it’s time to start adding pictures to your frozen yogurt business’ Instagram account. The sky is the limit when it comes to pictures. Take pictures of a new fro-yo flavor, a particularly delicious looking frozen yogurt concoction or a picture of your customers enjoying themselves in your store. When uploading your photos to Instagram you can choose from a variety of fun filters to put on your picture and you can also write a short description of what your photo is.


Instagram Hashtags!

Many business Instagram accounts use the description part of the photo for marketing purposes, especially with the use of hashtags. A hashtag is a word or a phrase that begins with the # symbol and has no spaces. On social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are essential in communicating with other users. If two users write the same hashtag, they’re inadvertently having a conversation with one another.

If you were running an Instagram account for your fro-yo business, some great examples of hashtags would be #frozenyogurt , #froyo, #dessert or #sweettreat. Play around with some hashtags, and encourage your customers to take pictures of their experience at your store and use a hashtag with your frozen yogurt shop name. Advertise your Instagram account on a chalkboard or other promotional tool in your store.

Most importantly, remember that social media is supposed to be fun, so don’t forget to have fun with your account!


Instagram Frozen Yogurt Picture!

Insta6Insta4HashTag TFYR

Fun Extras that Every Frozen Yogurt Shop Should Have!!

Fun Extras that Every Frozen Yogurt Shop Should Have!

One of the best parts about places like frozen yogurt shops is that customers have the ability to sit and just hang out for a couple of hours to sit with friends or family in addition to the tasty frozen treat. A frozen yogurt shop is the perfect place to meet up with girlfriends before a movie, a great place to go with a date after dinner or a fun location to take your kids after their soccer game. If you own a franchise of a national frozen yogurt chain, always be sure to ask corporate before making a purchase on one of these extras. Here are a few ideas to keep the fun going at a frozen yogurt shop for your patrons.

  1. Cloud9 Game1Board Games  – Host family game night at your shop! Buy all the classics like Clue, Life, Monopoly, Jenga and Guess Who? for your frozen yogurt shop and you’re sure to keep your patrons coming back again and again (especially if they need to settle the score of last week’s Monopoly game). If you have games, be sure to make plenty of space at tables to accommodate all the space they will need to play.

    Cloud9 Game 2

    Game Night at a Frozen Yogurt Shop (Cloud9)





Cloud9 Frozen Yogurt Store hosts a game night! If you live in the area make sure to check out their frozen yogurt store!




2.  Magazines – Whether you have a bride discussing bridesmaid dresses with her friends, a mom looking for advice for raising her teenage daughter or a guy who wants to look up a good recipe to impress a new girlfriend, magazines can be a great way to entertain your guests while they are visiting your frozen yogurt store. Many fro-yo locations have magazines spread out on small end tables and make space for their patrons to read them on comfy chairs.

3. Flat Screen Television – A flat screen television shouldn’t necessarily be the entire focus of your frozen yogurt shop, but if there’s a big game or a major awards show on, your patrons may be interested in passively watching it to check a score or check the weather. Be sure to keep your television dialed into G or PG-rated programs so that your shop remains family friendly and welcoming to people of all ages.


Great Frozen Yogurt Store Interior!

4. Comfortable Couches – Is there anything more crucial than having a comfortable space that your guests feel good about spending an afternoon on? Be sure to have plenty of tables and chairs so there’s plenty of room for all of your guests, but for large groups of friends or family, having a comfortable couch in a frozen yogurt is an extremely wise purchase. Pick a bright, cheery color that stands out and that can be a good centerpiece.

Sound System

A good sound system is a great asset to your frozen yogurt shop!!

5. Sound System – A good sound system is a great asset to your fro-yo shop. Get creative and fun with your music. Play classical music one night and classic rock the next. Again, be sure that your music is family friendly and appropriate for all ages. Have the music be loud enough to be heard, but soft enough that your customers can still enjoy some small talk over their frozen yogurt cups.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration on making your frozen yogurt shop special and fun!!! Keep all of your customers coming back again and again!!

– The Frozen Yogurt Review          Forteequipment-Banner.jpg                                                             

How to have a successful Frozen Yogurt Business: Starting with a store leader!!

The topic of this post is how to run a successful frozen yogurt business. I will provide a list of roles and responsibilities for a true frozen yogurt store leader!

Frozen Yogurt Shop

How to run a successful frozen yogurt business!

Being a manager isn’t always easy. Whether you’re responsible for the actions of the employees or the success of a project, managerial roles come with a lot of responsibilities and yes even in a frozen yogurt establishment!

If you want to work for a frozen yogurt shop that gets the best responses from the customers and is seen as the most successful frozen yogurt business in the whole town — then it is time for you to become the best manager!


Busy Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Shop!

Becoming the most successful frozen yogurt business does not happen over night, listening to instruction and practicing good habits will help get you and your frozen yogurt business to the top!


Roles and Responsibilities of a Frozen Yogurt Manager / Employee 


1. Ensure that the fro-yo shop is clean and in order:

Frozen Yogurt Drip Trays

Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Machine

  • Drip trays clean
  • Frozen yogurt Machines wiped down
  • Frozen yogurt handles in correct position
  • Check Fro-Yo Level Indicator
  • Clean Machine Star Caps; if needed
  • Topping Bar filled and cleanly displayedsuccessful frozen yogurt business


2. Ensure that service is running smoothly:

  • successful self serve fro-yo  businessGreeting every customer with a friendly welcome and smile every time they enter and leave.
  • Demonstrating a calm demeanor during times of high volume or unusual events & manages smooth transitions.
  • Displays a ‘customer is always right’ attitude by training employees and holding members accountable for delivering the highest customer service.

 3. Check inventory:

  • Frozen Yogurt Shop Always be on top of inventory (it never sounds good to hear that your favorite frozen yogurt shop is always out of something)!
  • Drive the implementation of schedules and duties, by developing strategies to keep the work place organized will help ensure the success of a frozen yogurt business!


Frozen Yogurt Smile

Greeting every customer with a smile!


Overall customers want to enter a successful frozen yogurt business that employeesenthusiastic and friendly individuals that create a fun atmosphere. Creating a one-of-a-kind experience is what will get your frozen yogurt shops name out there! You will then have a steady flow of fro-yo lovers!



Happy Frozen Yogurt People

Happy Frozen Yogurt Customers!

Lastly, frozen yogurt leaders contribute to the stores success by ensuring the best service experience at all times. As always a manager should act as a role model while providing guidance!

Feel free to leave comments on how you think frozen yogurt shop employees & managers can create a one-of-a-kind experience!!!

~ The Frozen Yogurt Review


The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Frozen Yogurt for Valentine’s Day!


Frozen Yogurt Valentine's Day Dessert

Frozen Yogurt Valentine’s Day Dessert


The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Frozen Yogurt for Valentine’s Day!





10. A fro-yo shop is a perfect location, no matter the temperature. Whether you’re in sunny California and want a sweet treat after a day at the beach, or you’re on the east coast and just need a frozen treat to remind you of the joys of summer, frozen yogurt is exactly what you need on Valentine’s Day. 

9. Single on Valentine’s Day? A frozen yogurt shop is a great place to hang out with all of the other loves in your life, whether it’s your nieces or nephews, best friend, parent, or neighbor. Let all the couples go to the movies and see that new sappy romantic comedy, you’ve got a date with a scoop of Dutch chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberries on top. 

Frozen Yogurt Couple8. Frozen yogurt can be a quick stop before the movie or after dinner. Have some time to kill before your movie or not quite ready to drop off your date after your dinner reservation? Go grab some quick fro-yo! 

7. Frozen yogurt is an inexpensive way to spend time with your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t make you break the bank. This holiday centered on love often turns into a mad dash to the mall, buying expensive gifts. Say a simple “I love you” with this sweet treat. 

6. Couldn’t find a sitter? Go get frozen yogurt with the family! A frozen yogurt shop is a fun and inexpensive place to take the whole family out, just don’t let the kids put too many toppings on.

5. Frozen yogurt is the perfect treat to take back for a night of rest and relaxation.  Whether you’re alone on Valentine’s Day and just want to sit back and watch a movie or if you and your loved ones just want to have a quiet night at home, fro-yo is the perfect addition.


V-day Frozen Yogurt4. Getting a sweet treat together is one of the classic American dates. There are countless scenes in old movies with couples gathering at the soda shop eating ice cream. Take your date to the 21st century version of the ice cream shop to celebrate V-day. 
3. Frozen yogurt isn’t as cliché as chocolate, but you can still eat some there. If your date isn’t a fan of chocolate, don’t worry. There are a multitude of flavors and toppings to choose from. There’s no need to reach into a heart shaped box and take a guess as to what it is you’re eating. Fro-yo shops let you pick out exactly what you want, how you want it. 

2. Frozen yogurt shops are a great place to sit and talk. Whether you’ve been together for ten years or ten days, a frozen yogurt shop provides the perfect setting to sit and talk. 

1. It’s so delicious! You and your significant other can argue all night about restaurant choices, but when it comes to dessert, you can both agree on frozen yogurt.

XOXO The Frozen Yogurt Review 

A look at T.F.Y.R in 2013: fro-yo store reviews, franchise reviews, frozen yogurt machine reviews, and mix!


The Frozen Yogurt Review is coming out of its slump and is going to begin to start blogging a whole lot more this year!


In 2013 The Frozen Yogurt Review published many frozen yogurt store reviews, frozen yogurt franchise reviews, articles on how to find the best frozen yogurt machines, frozen yogurt machine reviews and frozen yogurt mix reviews.

We want to highlight some of the articles that we enjoyed writing!

We hope you enjoy revisiting, or maybe reading for the first time these posts from the past year.

(Click colored text to read full articles)


–  Machines in North American – Comparison and Reviews (November 2013) This blog post is all about soft serve / frozen yogurt machines. Within the article is a list of the top quality soft serve companies and a rate on a scale of 1 – 10 on quality, service, cost, & warranty. This post reviews frozen yogurt machines that are suited for self serve and soft serve products. This article is all about frozen yogurt machines & can be useful to those in the frozen yogurt establishment. The companies that are rated on their frozen yogurt machine(s) are; Taylor Company, Stoelting, Electro Freeze, Forte Supply, Donper America, and Spaceman USA! Click the blue text above, to find out what each company was rated. Frozen yogurt machine by Taylor CompanyStoelting soft serve frozen yogurt machine Electrofreeze SLX4000 review and information Forte Supply review soft serve machine SS100B  Donper BH7480 soft serve machine review  Spaceman USA soft serve machine review


–  Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Newark, CA (July 2013) Dreyer’s Ice Cream was founded in 1928 with its first ice cream plant in Oakland, CA. This blog post contains a great review on one of Dreyer’s Ice Cream Chains.  This shop was reviewed by the best frozen yogurt guru ever; the fro-yo girl!!!

DreyersDuring her visit she noticed that they had two frozen yogurt machines available, so they only had four flavors to choose from; chocolate & vanilla. Fro-yo girl was not impressed with her purchase…you can read on to find out what happened during her experience at the Dreyer’s Ice Cream Parlor!

June 2012 002

– Making the best Frozen Yogurt mix with any machine! Preventing icy frozen yogurt, and making creamy frozen yogurt! (February 2013) This article explains how different frozen yogurt machines or soft serve machines effect yogurt quality and what the best frozen yogurt machine is in terms of creating a creamy, desirable product. This post will also teach you how to properly use your frozen yogurt machine to get the best soft serve product. This is a lengthy read but full of helpful information!



–  Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Franchise, January 2013: Our amazing Fro-yo Queen reviewed this frozen yogurt franchise. Some information to reflect on; Tutti Frutti calls themselves the largest self serve frozen yogurt franchise. They’ve developed over 50 proprietary frozen yogurt flavors. Their frozen yogurt website is a bit all over the place, it needs work. Overall this self serve frozen yogurt franchise received a grade B-

Looking Forward:


Things are still moving fast in the frozen yogurt industry and our goal here at T.F.Y.R is to keep you up to speed on all new trends and new products for your frozen yogurt establishment.

…….and while we do focus on new and existing frozen yogurt business owners we don’t want to forget those who just love frozen yogurt…..because after all this is how this site       began…simply from the love of frozen yogurt!

So we will not only have a useful, information-rich site, for people in the frozen yogurt business but we will also have information on the best frozen yogurt shops, frozen yogurt machine reviews, and deals at fro-yo shops all over the USA!

– T.F.Y.R


National Frozen Yogurt Day!!!!!!

National Frozen Yogurt Day is today Thursday, Feb. 6 and to celebrate I am enjoying a free cup of frozen yogurt! 


In celebration of this holiday many frozen yogurt businesses offer promotions and many freebies. This is a great marketing strategy, take a look at the big frozen yogurt chains I have listed below. These major fro-yo chains have implemented different promotional techniques to bring customers in to their store. Looking at their frozen yogurt marketing strategies can give you a better idea on how to model your frozen yogurt shop!

Cups 1. Menchie’s  

Promotion: Free 6 oz. yogurt with coupon

Menchie’s frozen yogurt coupon can be found on their website and social media pages.





2. Pinkberry

Promotion: Free small frozen yogurt plus toppings in exchange for a facebook ‘like.’

Pinkberry Facebook Page: here



yogurtland 3. Yogurtland

Promotion: Anyone who joins their Real Rewards program – which assigns points for every once of frozen yogurt you purchase, will receive       six ounces of free yogurt.



 Promotion: Free 6oz of frozen yogurt with coupon

CUPS National Frozen Yogurt Day coupon can be found on their facebook page.



Make sure that your frozen yogurt shop has promotions for National Frozen Yogurt Day and you will be one step closer to your marketing and business goals!

….And for the frozen yogurt lovers – go get yourself some FREE frozen yogurt!!!!!!!!!

How to Use Twitter for Your Frozen Yogurt Business


FrozenYogurtTweet, Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Shop Tweets

Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt Tweets / Social Media for Frozen Yogurt Shops

Twitter, and really all forms of social media, are essential for any business in the 21st century with any kind of online presence. Twitter allows businesses, especially frozen yogurt shops, to connect directly with customers: whether they are praising your frozen yogurt flavors, complaining about the lack of frozen yogurt toppings or sharing a photo of their frozen yogurt masterpiece.

According to a survey published on, 77% of all Fortune 500 companies use Twitter as part of their social media business plan. Twitter is not just a bonus online presence anymore, it’s a necessity in a successful business.

So what’s the best way to communicate effectively to your frozen yogurt customers in just 140 characters? Is there, in fact, a wrong way to tweet for your fro-yo business?

Here are some helpful tips for the beginning tweeter (or some good reminders for the avid Twitter user):

  • Remember not to use the word “I.” Although social media is a very personal way to express yourself online, your business is not an individual entity. Instead of saying, “I’ve got quite the deal for you!” say, “We’ve got a great deal for you today. Buy one frozen yogurt, get one half off.”

    FroyoTweet, Frozen Yogurt Business Promotions and Deals on Soft Serve

    Frozen Yogurt Store Promotions and Deals

  • Put deals and steals online, but make sure not to sound like spam. Your frozen yogurt customers will follow you on Twitter to get the inside scoop on coupons, daily deals on your frozen yogurt and to find out any news for your business. However, if you just tweet out details of a deal and a link, your Twitter followers may naturally justassume that you have automated tweets or that you may in fact be a robot. The best way to run your business’ Twitter account? Be human! Chat with your customers as if you were talking with them in the shop and you are sure to be successful.
  • Respond to as many complaints as humanly possible. Get a nasty complaint about service or your soft serve product on Twitter? DON’T ignore it. Think of a simple strategy to deal with negative experiences on Twitter and follow through with your frozen yogurt customers, whether that is a discount at their next visit or even just a simple apology. Just your willingness to respond shows the customer that you are willing to put in the work that it takes to keep them as a frozen yogurt lover / customer. Plus, ignoring a customer can lead to more angry tweets about your lack of response.

    AngryFroyoCustomer Frozen Yogurt Shop ideas

    Don’t ignore your angry frozen yogurt customers

  • Also respond to the love! Sometimes businesses can get so bogged down trying to calm down their angry customers that they often forget about their true fans. If one of your Twitter followers tweets something positive about your business, show your appreciation with a RT, a favorite or a witty response.
  • Use pictures, videos and any other type of media. Twitter is as much of a visual entity as much as a textual one. Post a picture of your newest fro-yo flavor, newest toppings and pictures of your latest event or some of your favorite frozen yogurt customers. Be creative! This is supposed to be fun, after all!



Ten Frozen Yogurt Toppings Every Self Serve Frozen yogurt must have!

Frozen yogurt Toppings

Frozen Yogurt Topping ideas for shops

One of the best parts about owning a frozen yogurt franchise is that frozen yogurt shop owners aren’t just selling a standard menu of items that customers can choose from, but are actually selling hundreds and possibly even thousands of combinations of their self serve frozen yogurt treats.

Whether your customer is on a diet, in the mood for something sweet, or they want to put together a dessert masterpiece, frozen yogurt can be personalized to suit everyone’s tastes and cravings. A survey of over 200 people on asked people to rate their favorite frozen yogurt toppings, and the findings were pretty sweet (and savory). So if you’re a new shop owner or you are an old pro looking to change up your toppings bar, look to put the following toppings on standby to keep your regulars and to get new customers to come back again and again:

  1. Strawberries for froyo topping

    Frozen yogurt toppings – fresh cut strawerries

    Strawberries- Strawberries go great with chocolate, caramel, or other fruits to make a healthy treat after a workout. Slice and dice the strawberries into small bits so that the customer can enjoy every bite of their soft serve with a bite of this tasty fruit. Remember when using fresh fruit to check for mold or other abnormalities (especially when keeping at room temperature).

  2. Hot Fudge- froyo customers love this ooey gooey topping, which goes great with just about every flavor and every topping. When it comes to storage, you can safely store hot fudge in an air tight container for two weeks if it contains dairy. If you are buying and making a store bought hot fudge, just be sure to read the directions on the packaging for storage information.
  3. Oreo- The classic American cookie gets reinvented as a frozen yogurt topping—and it doesn’t disappoint. Cut the Oreo cookies into small bites so that you can maximize the amount of overhead on your toppings bar.
  4. Caramel Syrup-Customer’s not a choc-a-holic? Well, keep this savory sauce on standby. Suggest to your customers to mix caramel syrup with a peanut or another nut to create a sweet and salty
  5. Brownie Bits-Add texture to your customers’ frozen yogurt by making a fresh batch of brownies and cutting them into small pieces.
  6. Whipped Cream- Whipped cream adds that little something extra to an already delicious dessert. Make sure to store whipped cream cans or homemade whipped cream in a cool container.
  7. Peanut Butter Cup- Is there really anything much better than peanut butter and chocolate together? Chop up this classic candy into small pieces for your customers to enjoy with their fro-yo.
  8. Cheesecake Bits- Cheesecake elevates the flavor of your soft serve and gives it a complex, elaborate taste. Suggest to a customer to mix with fruit or chocolate to replicate
  9. Frozen yogurt toppings - Chocolate Chips

    Frozen yogurt toppings – Chocolate Chips

    Chocolate Chips- Chocolate chips in frozen yogurt provide the taste of mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies but in a hurry. Chocolate chips are inexpensive and are a delicious asset to your toppings bar.

  10. Chocolate Syrup- There’s not much more classic than vanilla soft serve and chocolate syrup. Add a little, add a lot, it doesn’t matter. You know this topping will be a winner with your customers.

Many of the frozen yogurt shops that I have been too have great displays for their topping selection. I have done some research and found good quality topping dispensers to hold all of those tasty frozen yogurt store toppings. carries quality frozen yogurt dispensers that are scratch-resistant and shatterproof; and not to mention they are good looking!

Frozen yogurt store owners who carry these frozen yogurt / soft serve toppings will have customers coming back again and again!


Best Soft Serve Machines in USA – Reviews

Hello Friends!

Frozen yogurt and ice cream are still HOT, more so then ever!  So far in 2013 Frozen Yogurt sales have grown over 70% on 2011 sales numbers.  Additionally, frozen yogurt represents about 40% of sales in frozen treat and novelty market.  Ice Cream remains strong at about 54%. Sales of both ice cream and frozen yogurt amount to over 11 Billion dollars per year!

Below is a list of the Best Soft Serve Machines for frozen yogurt and ice cream.

Frozen yogurt is a good bet, as deserts will always be popular and the flavors keep getting better and better for you.  Opening a frozen yogurt store takes money, time, and research – through our website we hope to offer some helpful information regarding getting started.  The #1 question we get from writers is regarding soft serve equipment, so that is what we have decided to write about today.   For more information on frozen yogurt machines please see our other posts dated over the last 3 years.

Below, we will list the  Best Soft Serve Machines, top quality soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt manufacturers – and rate them on a scale of 1-10 on quality, service, cost, and warranty.  We will then offer a brief description and our choice for best frozen yogurt machine(s) from that company.


Taylor Company:

Frozen yogurt machine by Taylor Company

Taylor Crown series soft serve machine


SERVICE:   7-10 depending on distributor

COST:        5

Product Consistency:   9


Taylor Company has the largest market share in the world of soft serve machines.  Taylor is a exceptional manufacturer or machines, unfortunately, we hear rave reviews as often as we hear negative reviews from customers who say they are fed up dealing with Taylor.  The Taylor Crown C723 with stand is our pick for frozen yogurt stores.  A great machine, priced over $13,000 each, plus other fees.  Taylor has created a strong presence by hiring its own service technicians throughout the country and placing strong requirements on dealers.  This in turn leads to higher prices, and less room for creativity and change.



Stoelting soft serve frozen yogurt machine

Stoelting soft serve frozen yogurt machine



COST:     8

Product consistency:  9


Stoelting has made a name for the F231 machine in franchises like orange leaf and aspen leaf.  It is a great machine that produces excellent creamy yogurt.  Stoelting sells through distributors across the country, sometimes service can be an issue for the smaller guys.  The F231 uses a single compressor for freezing cylinders with dual control by using a solenoid.


Electro Freeze:

Electrofreeze SLX4000 review and information

Electrofreeze SLX4000 review and information



COST:        6

Product Consistency:  9


Electro Freeze / HC Duke and Son has been making soft serve machines for a long time (as you can tell by the design J) A solid machine, produces great texture product, excellent programs for soft serve ice cream and pressurized systems, not so strong for self-serve frozen yogurt on a national basis.  The new model released this year is the SLX4000 which is their stab at the frozen yogurt industry.  A single 6500BTU compressor similar to the Stoelting and Taylor machines keeps cost down and energy use down.  The problem is, half the country does not have access to the product, and the cost can hurt!



Spaceman USA:

Spaceman USA soft serve machine review

Spaceman USA Soft serve machine review for 6250, 6378, and 6235 model machines – best soft serve machines



COST:   8

Product Consistency:  9


Spaceman USA is the distributor for Spaceman products, a  manufacturer of soft serve and slushy equipment.  Spaceman holds an extremely high quality standard and reputation in Asian markets and European markets.  One of the best tasting products we have tried is out of a spaceman machine. The machines build is similar to Taylor in size and capacity.

*We are ranking the Spaceman 6250 as the Best Soft Serve Machines for the frozen yogurt and mid sized soft serve ice cream business.

We know that we have left some manufacturers from this list.  Please email your questions, comments, or concerns so that we may address them on our next update of the Best Soft Serve Machines in the USA.