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Frozen Yogurt Program for Schools, By Soft Serve Solutions

Soft Serve Solutions has partnered with Honey Hill Farms to offer a frozen yogurt program for schools.  Details can be found here.

According to the website, Soft Serve Solutions offers a Spaceman USA soft serve machine free of charge with the purchase of frozen yogurt mix.  Over 20 flavors of Honey Hill Farms frozen yogurt are available to choose from.  Each of the flavors meet USDA Smart Snack food guidelines.

What’s included?

SSS frozen yogurt program for schools will include the following:

  • frozen yogurt machine from Spaceman USA
  • frozen yogurt liquid mix from Honey Hill Farms
  • training on how to properly use the machine
  • service and warranty
  • seven day a week technical support
  • maintenance program includes preventative maintenance, sanitize solutions, lubricant, and wearable parts

What does it Cost?

Soft Serve Solutions has made a very simple program for schools to participate in.  Your only cost is for the frozen yogurt product.  Cost is calculated by ounce, product comes in cases with 4 gallons each.  Each flavor is approved USDA Smart Snack – this is a great opportunity for members of the School Nutrition Association to bring in a healthy fun program to their school district.

Soft Serve Solutions School Frozen Yogurt Program

Soft Serve Solutions offers a Frozen Yogurt Program for schools which includes equipment, product, and training.

About Soft Serve Solutions

From website:

Soft Serve Solutions was created to help independent restaurants, ice cream shops, frozen yogurt shops, schools and hospitals with offering soft serve products to their customers. Through our experience and network of resources we have many solutions to help your business succeed and grow. It is our mission to offer personal service to each of our customers all while reducing cost and delivery times of products and services. We are a family owned business that values our employees and customers. We take the time to care for our customers’ needs. It is our passion to deliver the best quality products and services in the frozen beverage and soft serve industry.

For more information on Honey Hill farms or Spaceman USA please see previous blog posts and reviews.

Review of Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt Mix!

Review of NancI’s Frozen Yogurt Mix!!!

Whenever I go into a frozen yogurt store I am curious to see what type of frozen yogurt mix they use.  Last month I had a delicious mix of chocolate and low fat vanilla. The yogurt tasted perfect! It was creamy, cold, and had a delicious clean and rich flavor.  It was not too sweet and it also did not leave a poor aftertaste. I asked the cashier what product they used and she told me Nanci’s. This young lady was very helpful and gave me a little bit of background on Nanci’s frozen yogurt mix. She shared that the customers have always complimented on the stores flavors and that she has not heard of any of their customers being unhappy with the frozen yogurt product.

I believed it. My cup of fro-yo was delicious. The chocolate was dreamy and the vanilla was velvety! I wanted to share my experience with you guys because the one thing that left me shocked is that Nanci’s frozen yogurt is a dry powder mix!! Dry powder mix? Yes it is a powder base and all you need to do is add water!!! I thought this was amazing that a powder base mix could taste so creamy, milky, and fluffy!

After talking to the store employees about the frozen yogurt mix they used I went home and did a little research and contacted Nanci’s. I emailed the owner and he got back to me right away which showed me professionalism and dedication to his company. He was more than happy to give me information on his frozen yogurt mix so that I could share it with The Frozen Yogurt Review readers.

Before I go into what Nanci’s provides I want to thank the company for being so open and sharing to all the blog readers what their company offers!


Base Mix:

Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt mixes are all dry powder base mixes that you add to water. There are 9 base mixes, which include:

  • Non-Fat and Low-Fat Vanilla
  • Non-Fat Chocolate
  • Neutral Plain Tart and Premium Tart
  • Non-Dairy Sorbet
  • Non-Dairy Vanilla
  • Non-Dairy Vegan Chocolate
  • Stevia Vanilla (no sugar added)
  • Stevia Chocolate (no sugar added)



More than 100 liquid flavor concentrates you can add to the base mix. The flavorings include everything from Mango to Salted Caramel.

Nanci's Frozen Yogurt Mix

Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt Mix

Mixing Instructions:

1. Slowly pour one bag of Nanci’s base into 2 gallons of water (or 2.5 gallons for NSA mix) while stirring vigorously with a wire whisk. Or you can use an immersion blender.

2. If using flavoring, measure out 6 oz. of flavor and stir it into the mix.

3. Pour the prepared frozen yogurt mix into a soft-serve machine.


Nanci’s is known for creamy and smooth texture, a wide variety of flavors, and excellent health benefits.


Frozen Yogurt Mix Review

 Health Benefits:

Nanci’s has better or equivalent nutritionals than any frozen yogurt on the market. Benefits include:

  • Sweetened with either fruit sugar or stevia, which does not cause blood sugar spikes and is better for diabetics.
  • Low calorie.
  • Active cultures that are protected in the dry form at warm temperatures.
  • No fat or low fat.





Base mixes are packed with 5 bags per case. Each bag makes 2.5 gallons of yogurt mix or 360 ounces by weight.

Flavorings come in Half Gallon or Gallon sizes.

Nanci’s products are Kosher and Halal certified.


Nanci’s Packaging


Nanci’s mixes, including flavoring, cost between 6-7 cents per ounce. For orders within the United States, shipping is included.


About Nanci’s: 

Nanci’s has been making premium frozen yogurt mixes for more than 25 years. They sell products throughout the U.S. and in more than 25 countries internationally. They are family owned and operated with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Contact Information:

1-800-788-0808 or 480-834-4290

I hope you found this review helpful!

Cielo Foods Frozen Yogurt Mix

Cielo Frozen Yogurt Logo

Cielo Foods is an supplier of frozen yogurt mix products.  They distribute to over 30 countries worldwide. They are based out of Southern California.

Here’s what we like most – Unique flavors, Amazing texture, and ease of use with the product. They have your basic flavors like Tart, Vanilla and Chocolate but they also have unique flavors like Chocolate Chai, Earl Grey, and Caramel Salted Pretzel.  The texture on the product comes out surprisingly rich and creamy, you would never know the product is nonfat and a powder mix!  They definitely blew our minds and changed any doubts we had about powder mixes.  Cielo Food’s product has probiotics from Ganeden BC, the highest quality probiotics available on the market.  The mixing instructions are fairly simple.  All you have to do is

add 1 bag to 1 gallon of water!  They understand that the owner cannot be in the store mixing everyday so they make it easy enough to where a high school student can do it.

Cielo Frozen Yogurt Mix Packaging

Cielo Foods mixes are All Natural , KSA Kosher and Halal certified.  Cielo Foods offers a wide variety of flavors, in non-fat, low-fat, NSA (no sugar added), low carb, and dairy free sorbets. Because they manufacture the product themselves, the bulk pricing options are probably the most competitive on the market.  Their standard pallet pricing is $85 a box, 10 bags per case.  So each bag costs $8.50 and it yields 175 ounces by weight. This makes your cost 4.8 cents per ounce!

Taste: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Variety: 4/5

Distribution: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

Powder Frozen Yogurt Mix in California

Powder yogurt mix in California

Powder yogurt mix in California

So, we have had a lot of questions regarding using powder mix in California.  There is a lot of confusion of whether it is legal or not to use.   Here is what we have found, please note that we are not attorneys, nor are we experts on the laws in California food and health:

Simple answer – powder yogurt mix is LEGAL to use

Problems have been in the way the product is marketed.  As you may know, pinkberry had some lawsuit years back regarding the method in which they were marketing the frozen yogurt product.  After investigation it seems that there was not enough live cultures or health benifits to be called frozen yogurt.  The problem wasnt that it was illegal to use, but more that it was misleading as far as the potential health benefits and the Plaintiffs basically wanted Pinkberry to come out and say the truth about the product they offered more as a desert then a “frozen yogurt”

According to this article:

CA state law specifically says that mix can be added to milk if the milk is pasteurized and the labelling requirements are met.

Another article you can get more information on the pinkberry suit and other cases is:

What we gather is this:  If you are calling your product “frozen yogurt” you should consider using pre-made mix or finding a powder mix supplier and confirming the contents of live cultures and yogurt bacteria.  You should also provide this information to your customers so that they know what they are eating.  Some powder mix providers such as Nancys frozen yogurt mix claim to have live bacteria and yogurt cultures.

Hope this helps.



Frozen Yogurt Mix Review – The Honey Hill Farms

Frozen Yogurt Mix Review – The Honey Hill Farms

The honey hill farms are a national supplier of frozen yogurt mix products.  They are based out of Arkansas and have been serving up tasty froyo for over 30 years.

Here’s what we like most – great tasting frozen yogurt and many great flavors!  The flavor, quality and consistency of The Honey Hill Farms make them our favorite in national wholesalers.  They work with companies such as Sysco to offer easy and affordable distribution throughout the US.  The Honey Hill Farms offer a wide variety of great tasting year round flavors in low-fat, non-fat, no-sugar, and NSA (no sugar added) as well as sorbets and seasonal frozen yogurt flavors.  Many of the mixes are also gluten free, which is increasingly popular.  All of the frozen yogurt mix they sell are certified to have live cultures, which is really the important health benefit to frozen yogurt.   They even seem to use real pieces of the flavor of mix, for example the Strawberry Sensation we sampled had real strawberry seeds, the dreamy dark chocolate (non-fat and hard to believe) is amazing and three kinds of real cocoa, giving it an amazingly smooth, rich, and flavorful chocolate taste.

Another thing we like about The Honey Hill Farms is that it doesn’t seem that they make flavors and sell them just to add more variety.  The flavors they release are all generally great, if it’s your flavor.  Some companies produce tons of flavors, but you can only find a small selection that is worth eating.  There is not point to have bad yogurt in your store just because you want to boast “more flavors” then the competition – people will actually notice.   Another nice detail that store owners have shared with us is they sell their yogurt in a plastic container, similar to a milk gallon.  This is nice because if the product expands due to freezing or elevation it is not likely to break and leak like a paper carton would.

Also, they offer a “Yogologist” program where you can go to the plant, try the product, samples machines, and get tons of great information to help get started with your own store or business.

Taste: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Variety: 5/5

Distribution: 4/5 (not easily available in every state)

Quality: 4.5/5


All in all, The Honey Hill Farms gets a 5/5 rating from us.   Stay tuned for reviews of other product suppliers such as YoCream, Nancy’s Frozen Yogurt, Yoki Bliss, Dryers, and PreGel America mix.

Please comment with questions or if you would like more information on any particular product.