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We have wrote about companies to watch out for in the past, over the last several months we have recieved negative reviews from Alpine Freezer customers and would like to share some of what we have found from BBB and other sources:

Alpine Freezer BBB Page

Complaints against Alpine Freezer on BBB

Complaint: I am the CFO of a company that purchased a FROYO machine from Alpine Freezer. The first machine, delivered in May, appeared to have been dropped at some point prior to or during shipment. It was severely dented on arrival and would not freeze the yogurt. Alpine Freezer, after more than a month of chasing/many repeated phone calls and emails to customer service and the salesman, finally responded by first sending out a technician who was unable to fix the machine and then ultimately agreeing to “do the right thing” by replacing the broken machine. What at first seemed to be positive news quickly became a nightmare as the replacement machine is inoperable! The FROYO machine literally delivers a strong electrical shock to anyone who touches it. After yet another month+ of chasing/repeated phone calls and emails requesting either a replacement or technical repair, customer service FINALLY responded and sent their technician who was unable to properly determine the cause of the electrical emission or fix the broken machine. It has been almost 2 more months at this point. My management team and I have continued to chase Alpine Freezer, on an almost daily basis, to no avail. We are requesting that they take back their machine and remit a full refund of the $6,000 we paid them in good faith for a functioning FROYO machine. We signed our contract with Alpine back in the Spring. We have, at this point, lost a full summer season of expected revenue. The owner, Duc N*****, refuses to return our phone calls. Through his saleman, I have even offered to work out a repayment plan for the $6,000, if he/his company’s cash situation is such that he can’t afford to pay it in one lump sum. Last week, On 9/10/15, Duc finally promised, via his salesman, to mail the refund check to me on 9/11/15 and confirm via email on that date that his promise to refund was fulfilled. The email and the check never arrived as promised and, once again, no one at Alpine Freezer will pick up the phone or respond to my emails. Alpine is in breach of contract as we do not have an operational machine and Duc N***** refuses to work with me to remit a full refund. Duc N***** is unresponsive, unprofessional and is NOT to be trusted. The machines delivered to us were both broken/inoperable and customer service over the past 5 LONG months has been horrendous.This company should be shuttered immediately for poor business practices.

Desired Settlement: As explained above, Alpine Freezer is in breach of contract. We contracted for a functioning frozen yogurt machine and they have been unable to deliver an operable machine. Duc N***** (Business Owner) verbally agreed, via his salesman, on 9-10-15 to a full refund of $6,000 to be mailed on 9-11-15. This agreement was documented as confirmation of our verbal agreement in an email sent to me by his salesman, Kerry Kuykendall, with Duc cc’d on 9-10-15. Our agreement states that once the check clears into our bank, his company can make arrangements to pick up their broken machine. I expect Duc N***** to remit our deposit, in full, in the amount of $6,000 asap.

Complaint: ***, it is time I actually put in notes my dis-satisfaction with my machines. I can honestly say these machines are not quality machines, nor are they even close to the machines you guaranteed me would perform fantasticly for my business.  I have had MULTIPLE issues with my machines. Some fixed quickly, some taking weeks or months to get you to resolve. In short, while I have only had the machines 2 years now, I have replaced 7 compressors, 2 fan motors, 2 drive motors, 2 thermostats, 2 electronic boards, multiple fittings cracked causing Freon leaks, and a long list of several other items. This has truly been a very unpleasant experience. I can not rely on these machines to perform properly on any given day.

I have come to work to find yogurt all over my floor, draining out the back of the machine. I’ve had oil contaminating my yogurt many many times, fighting this again now and still do not know where it is coming from, I suspect from the drive motor but do not know why. I have had all kinds of noises and each machine performs differently. There are different fittings on different machines, etc.  I am not sure if I got the first of these type of machines, or the last, or the rejects, or what. But I do know that they have been less than satisfactory for my business.  Even my customers say they break all the time.

Getting the machines repaired is a major hassle. I have to wait long periods of time for you to reply to me sometimes and then another long period of time for you to send an item. I waited 3 1/2 months for you to send your tech and then he comes in, makes some changes and then leaves with two machines not working, leaving me to wait again to get them fixed. Then it takes even more time for you to cover the repair costs, sometimes having to send multiple requests.

I really feel these machines have not lived up to the quality you advertise or expressed to me. I am not sure how to resolve all these issues or concerns. I know you have felt my frustrations at times, and if not, I’m sure you do now. I have tried and tried to be patient, but it seems I constantly have an issue which causes loss of revenue for me.

Desired Settlement: I am copying this email to the Better Business Bureau as well as you and Kerry. I undoubtedly feel you sold me “lemons” and somehow we need to resolve.  I can not continue to have as many issues as I have had and have these machines not perform well.

Problems with Product/Service


I had been working with Duc N***** of Alpine Freezer and purchased 5 ******* machines from him this year. Along with this purchase, we were given a three (3) year warranty on all our machines. From day one we started experiencing problems and Duc kept refusing to send a technician to come fix my… machines. I would have to call 5-6 times a day for a week before he finally actually sent someone. A month later, I received a call from Hennry Z**** (*********************; *** ******** ** **** *******.) who claimed that Duc had gone out of business and that he is taking over our account. I told him of the problems with my machines and he immediately sent an invoice of the cost to fix it. I told him that I was still under the Alpine warranty but he said he has nothing to do with that. When I went back to ask Duc about the situation, he ignored me. I have now invested $50,000 in the machines I purchased from Duc N***** of Alpine Freezer and they are all defective and I have no one to come fix them. Not sure if Duc really did go out of business and if this Henrry character did in fact take over his business. But if so, I should still be protected by the warranty.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionI would like Duc or Hennry to honor three (3) year warranty on the freezers I purchased and send their technicians as needed. If not, to return the defective machines.

Guarantee/Warranty Issues


We purchased three new machines from Alpine Freezer in August of 2015 and they were delivered in December of 2015. Two weeks into operation (February) two of the three failed. It is now 10 months into the year and they are still not working. Additionally, one of the machines were damaged during… shipping and the shipping company claims they paid a claim to Alpine on the machine and yet we have not received any repairs or new machine sent to us. These deficiencies are well within the advertised Warranty. Our business is suffering because we have defective machines. We would just like to have our machines all working again.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionAll we desire is for someone to contact us so that they can repair and/or replace our machines.

Guarantee/Warranty Issues


I bought four frozen yogurt machines from alpine freezers. and there have been nothing but problems. i currently have one machine that doesn’t work and another that works occasionally. for the last eighteen months I’ve tried getting the issue resolved but no one from the company has returned my…phone calls or emails.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionI would like for my machines to be serviced and repaired as the company website and contract states

Guarantee/Warranty Issues


I bought an Alpine Machine after being assured it would make a very good soft serve ice cream cone as we serve soft serve ice cream. This machine will not make an ice cream cone. I bought the machine in June of 2014. It took over a year to get an Alpine tech to look at the machine. He said this… machine will not make an ice cream cone. I have had my own service tech work on the machine several times, under the direction of Duc N***** the owner of Alpine freezer several times. There has been no resolution. I have numerous phone calls, emails and texts with Duc N***** and Kerry K******** *since July of 2014 stating this machine will make ice cream cones. It will not. I want this issue resolved. Alpine doesn’t seem to care about their customers.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionI want a refund and will gladly return the machine at Alpine e Freezers expense.

WARNING - Alpine Freezer

Do not buy Alpine Freezer – despite multiple lawsuits and complaints on BBB Alpine Freezer continues with clever marketing such as this.  Alpine does not manufacture nor have manufacturing agreements with partners, they simply import the cheapest machines they can find and slap stickers on them.

23 thoughts on “Brand Cautions – Alpine Freezer Review

  1. I am the owner of a restaurant in Ilinois. I bought an Alpine Machine in June of 2014. This machine has never worked properly. We were told when we bought the machine it would make a soft serve ice cream cone. As we serve only soft serve that is what we need it to do. This machine has NEVER been capable of making an ice cream cone. It took over a year to get an Alpine tech to look at this machine. This tech said these machines will not make cones. We have had our own service company work on the machine (under the direction of Duc Nuygen) with no resolution to the problem.
    We have many, many email and text conversations where Kerry Kuykendal said this machine can and should make a soft serve ice cream cone, and this problem will be resolved. Now a rear and a half later, I am in the terrible position of hiring an attorney.

    • Hello I own a business also in IL and have had so many problems with alpine. We would love to try to get a class action suit together. Could you email me at yumyumshoppe@hotmail.

      • we would join you in this class action as we have had to close 2 of our stores due to non working alpine freezer frozen yogurt machines.

      • I have a malfunctioning Alpine machine also I purchased for my concession stand Which all I serve is soft serve ice cream cones. My last festival one of the beaters busted all to pieces. Imagine my surprise when I called about a new beater to find out that Alpine went out of business. There was a phone # for that Hennry that said he would address any parts or warranty problems. When I called he said sorry about your luck sounds like you bought a bad machine and hung up on me. My machine is still under warranty but no one to call about it. I also got my own financing from my own bank. So now I’m paying on a machine that I can’t use. Wish I would have financed through alpine because they. Would have had to take me to court to get there money.

  2. It has been a nightmare dealing with Alpine since day one and it has continued for a year now. What is supposed to be brand new machines are nothing but piles of junk, we are loosing business on a regular basis because of their products and they are so awful at returning calls and sending for repair. Their customer service is worthless. I would love to join a class action lawsuit against Alpine freezer. Please contact me at

  3. We purchased a soft serve ice cream machine from Alpine Freezer on March 30, 2016. It has never worked since day 1. We are a small family owned business with one truck. We made repeated request by phone, text, and emails to Kerry as well as NINI and Duc totaling over 85 contacts, none that did any good. Due to their misrepresentation, NO service as well as beach of contact, they put us out of business. I also would be interested in any class action suit being brought against them. Please feel free to get ahold of me.

  4. I had nothing but trouble with alpine freezer’s ice cream machine. I bought one on 2015 I received a machine that didn’t freeze up the ice cream machine. And then it took about a month to replace it with a refurbished model when they told me it was a brand new machine that they are replacing. It worked fine so I accepted so I can run my business. And now it is 2016 and the machine’s compressor wnet out. However, I was told that alpine freezer filed a bankruptcy while my machine is still under their warranty. I contacted Duc Nguyen, the CEO of the company but he is now ignoring my text and phone calls. I spent 8000 dollars on a brand new machine last year and it is already broken. It was funny to me that though their website was still selling their machines after the bankruptcy. I tested them out because they were ignoring me.

  5. This A brand, Definitely a very low quality China made machines.
    Below ONE price range of Taylor, Stoelting, Electro Freeze such big brands to make consistent soft machines; SpacemanUSA is the best choices with it’s reasonable retail prices, parts and service after warranty.
    ***** All these machines need some techniques to avoid freezing up during quiet business period.
    So check the machines output numbers btu to fit your need. Electro Freeze & Stoelting are the biggest monster , Taylor then Spaceman…
    It affects heat release, AND noises
    I’m in a 220v 1P / 380v 3P city,
    My SpacemanUSA 6235 only produce some noises as a very very old electrical fan when compressor is fully loading.
    Taylor / Stoelting 😂😂😆😆 , only you need such high productivity.

  6. Hi guys! Please let me know if anyone is organizing a class action lawsuit. I would like to join. Email me please at
    I have a case against Duc case #
    Filing complaints to Better Business Bureau although informative is ineffective ,
    if you are interested in filling complaints please contact :
    Arizona Office of the Attorney General -Phoenix
    Tel: 602-542-5763
    or for class action FTC:

  7. Hi I am also in ownership of a softsreve machine I bought from Alpine I have the same runaround from duc…machine arrived broken it’s cost me out-of-pocket expenses and when I turned it on this season the indicator told me it had motor failure I’m disgusted with this company and him…. the financial burdened by the money I used out of pocket to pay them for this nonworking brand-new Softserve machine .. we are not even able to get parts, when I huired an independent guy come and look at the machine he said to me good luck ..if anyone out there has any info that could help please share. If there is a class action suit being filed I would like to be in on that..thank you

  8. We are working on the same. We bought our machines from Kerry at Alpine Freezer who was Ducs partner. We just found out that he is still selling frozen yogurt machines!! Now for another company called Aurel LLC who is out of Florida. I recommend trying to contact Kerry and making him help with resolution for all the bad Alpine machines he sold!
    Kerry KuyKendall,

  9. Please contact me if there is going to be a suit.. we as well have had issues upon issue with our machines. We’ve had to learn all about these on our own.. we did get a chance to talk to both Duc and Henry on multiple occasions however now we have 8 machines and only 4 working… Bad business

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