Frozen Yogurt is Here, There, and Everywhere!

Frozen Yogurt is Here, There, and Everywhere!

Frozen yogurt is no secret, and now it seems to be just about everywhere. With dozens of press releases sent out daily about new frozen yogurt franchises opening in various cities across the country, it seems there is no better time to enter the frozen yogurt marketplace with your nose to the grindstone.

Frozen yogurt shops are literally popping up everywhere, and not just in traditional brick and mortar shops. Oklahoma City-based frozen yogurt retailer Orange Leaf published a press release on April 9th, saying that it signed its first frozen yogurt kiosk agreements with franchisees.

“Orange Leaf kiosks will offer customers the same self-serve, choose-your-own-toppings froyo experience that fans love about Orange Leaf in a compact layout that can be customized by franchisees to suit the unique square footage and building specifications of smaller retail spaces in locations such as malls, airports, stadiums, theme/amusement parks, office buildings, university campuses, casinos and train or bus stations. The kiosk model can be about half the cost of a traditional store depending on its size, and offers a more dynamic and flexible layout. Kiosk size options range from 50 to 500 square feet and can accommodate up to eight machines and a toppings bar,” the press release stated.


Orange Leaf Kiosks

The kiosks will first appear on July 1st this year in Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio, Texas and the second will open in Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights, Michigan in August. And frozen yogurt goes down under in September when the first Orange Leaf franchise opens in the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre in Richmond Victoria, Australia. Now, Australians can indulge on one of America’s favorite sweet treats.

Frozen yogurt is now a mobile dessert as well as an international one. Urban Americans have become crazy about their food trucks that are easily accessible at parks, events and games, and now Fresno, California can enjoy delicious frozen yogurt via truck. 

The Clovis Independent writes, “The pink and white truck is just like a frozen yogurt shop — it can serve eight flavors from four self-serve dispensers and has a toppings bar — except that it’s on the side of a truck. Customers serve themselves and pay by the ounce.Cantrell will be taking his truck to events including school carnivals and fundraisers, and he hopes to be at local fairs.”

If you are thinking about opening up your own frozen yogurt shop or you already own a frozen yogurt store and are thinking about expanding, going mobile in kiosks or in food trucks seems like the next level of this tasty trend. When you are in the frozen yogurt industry it’s important that you both satisfy your returning customer as well as making sure that you keep on trend.fro yo blog

If you decide to open up a frozen yogurt kiosk or a frozen yogurt food truck, be sure that you’re still following all health regulations as well as making sure that you are still advertising just as you would with a traditional brick and mortar store.  As always, remember to have fun. This is the frozen yogurt industry, after all.

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3 thoughts on “Frozen Yogurt is Here, There, and Everywhere!

  1. hello, i’m really interested in opening a frozen yogurt food truck, however we are really worried of our energy source. We were thinking of using gasoline power plants, however the noise of these plants is really hard and painful for costumers. Do have have any recommendations or do you know any alternative power sources i can use? thank you for all your help.

    • Hi Francesco,
      There are many options for generators, usually, if you are having your truck built by someone who makes food trucks they will have great suggestions. If you are doing the project yourself you have to decide what your budget is then you can look for the best generator in that class. We have visited many frozen yogurt trucks that are not noisy at all, but the generators can cost 3k-15k depending on the size and specs.

      Good luck!

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