Logo for Frozen Yogurt Businesses!

Picking the right logo for your fro-yo business!!!!

Creating A Logo


Creating a frozen yogurt store logo seems straightforward, but if you want to have an effective logo you have to put in effort. Think hard about what you want your frozen yogurt store to feel like and what type of impression you want to leave on your customers. 

A Logo for your Frozen Yogurt Businesses is a visual representation of everything your company stands for. Think of your favorite company or restaurant, I am sure their logo pops up in your head. The goal of your logo is to enhance potential customers crucial first impression of your business. 

A frozen yogurt logo establishes a brand identity, and is a powerful way to help your business stand out in the minds of your customers. Brand recognition, is key in winning a strong fan base! 

With so many frozen yogurt franchises it is important to create something unique, a great Logo for Frozen Yogurt Businesses. Don’t follow the style of all the other frozen yogurt shops, create something new, people love to talk and creating something that stands out gets people talking! You want to be memorable. New trends start from that idea that sticks out amongst the rest. Be that yogurt shop that wins the race with their one of a kind logo!

Here are some examples of similar frozen yogurt store names:

Frozen Yogurt Store Names


Some people use a persons name as their business name:



When you become set on your brand and logo practice consistency. Developing a consistent brand voice that matches all of your marketing material will create a lasting brand personality. By displaying consistency your frozen yogurt shop will easily be recognizable by your frozen yogurt fans and new frozen yogurt customers. 

This will help you grow your frozen yogurt business in the long term and will keep your customers coming back! 

When the process of creating a logo for your frozen yogurt business is executed successfully, the resulting logo will become a valuable asset for the company’s marketing efforts, which is key in the frozen yogurt industry. 



Happy designing!  


************** Oh and one more thing!

I showcased random frozen yogurt logos to show you how some can be super similar, while others can be unique and unheard of like Anatta – a Buddhist term!  Also some have a personal feeling by using a first name like “Jimbos”!

It all depends on what you want to represent and how you want to display your frozen yogurt shop.

Below are all the logos I used and their Website page link!

  1. SWIRL’S 
  2. Swurlz 
  3. Swirls
  4. Swirl
  5. Swirly’s
  6. MAD Swirls 
  7. Dream Swirls
  8. Berry Swirls
  9. Cameez
  10. Josie’s
  11. Anatta
  12. Ben & Jerry’s
  13. Lexie’s


The Frozen Yogurt Review

The Frozen Yogurt Review 


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