Best Soft Serve Machines in USA – Reviews

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Frozen yogurt and ice cream are still HOT, more so then ever!  So far in 2013 Frozen Yogurt sales have grown over 70% on 2011 sales numbers.  Additionally, frozen yogurt represents about 40% of sales in frozen treat and novelty market.  Ice Cream remains strong at about 54%. Sales of both ice cream and frozen yogurt amount to over 11 Billion dollars per year!

Below is a list of the Best Soft Serve Machines for frozen yogurt and ice cream.

Frozen yogurt is a good bet, as deserts will always be popular and the flavors keep getting better and better for you.  Opening a frozen yogurt store takes money, time, and research – through our website we hope to offer some helpful information regarding getting started.  The #1 question we get from writers is regarding soft serve equipment, so that is what we have decided to write about today.   For more information on frozen yogurt machines please see our other posts dated over the last 3 years.

Below, we will list the  Best Soft Serve Machines, top quality soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt manufacturers – and rate them on a scale of 1-10 on quality, service, cost, and warranty.  We will then offer a brief description and our choice for best frozen yogurt machine(s) from that company.


Taylor Company:

Frozen yogurt machine by Taylor Company

Taylor Crown series soft serve machine


SERVICE:   7-10 depending on distributor

COST:        5

Product Consistency:   9


Taylor Company has the largest market share in the world of soft serve machines.  Taylor is a exceptional manufacturer or machines, unfortunately, we hear rave reviews as often as we hear negative reviews from customers who say they are fed up dealing with Taylor.  The Taylor Crown C723 with stand is our pick for frozen yogurt stores.  A great machine, priced over $13,000 each, plus other fees.  Taylor has created a strong presence by hiring its own service technicians throughout the country and placing strong requirements on dealers.  This in turn leads to higher prices, and less room for creativity and change.



Stoelting soft serve frozen yogurt machine

Stoelting soft serve frozen yogurt machine



COST:     8

Product consistency:  9


Stoelting has made a name for the F231 machine in franchises like orange leaf and aspen leaf.  It is a great machine that produces excellent creamy yogurt.  Stoelting sells through distributors across the country, sometimes service can be an issue for the smaller guys.  The F231 uses a single compressor for freezing cylinders with dual control by using a solenoid.


Electro Freeze:

Electrofreeze SLX4000 review and information

Electrofreeze SLX4000 review and information



COST:        6

Product Consistency:  9


Electro Freeze / HC Duke and Son has been making soft serve machines for a long time (as you can tell by the design J) A solid machine, produces great texture product, excellent programs for soft serve ice cream and pressurized systems, not so strong for self-serve frozen yogurt on a national basis.  The new model released this year is the SLX4000 which is their stab at the frozen yogurt industry.  A single 6500BTU compressor similar to the Stoelting and Taylor machines keeps cost down and energy use down.  The problem is, half the country does not have access to the product, and the cost can hurt!



Spaceman USA:

Spaceman USA soft serve machine review

Spaceman USA Soft serve machine review for 6250, 6378, and 6235 model machines – best soft serve machines



COST:   8

Product Consistency:  9


Spaceman USA is the distributor for Spaceman products, a  manufacturer of soft serve and slushy equipment.  Spaceman holds an extremely high quality standard and reputation in Asian markets and European markets.  One of the best tasting products we have tried is out of a spaceman machine. The machines build is similar to Taylor in size and capacity.

*We are ranking the Spaceman 6250 as the Best Soft Serve Machines for the frozen yogurt and mid sized soft serve ice cream business.

We know that we have left some manufacturers from this list.  Please email your questions, comments, or concerns so that we may address them on our next update of the Best Soft Serve Machines in the USA.