True Bliss Yogurt, San Jose, CA

photo (6)Fro-yo girl here.  While True Bliss looks like it’s a part of Burger King (they share a space), True Bliss is a separate business run by a friendly family. The owner is very patient about explaining new flavors and encourages sampling.


True Bliss offers 12 self-serve fro-yo (well mostly fro-yo, they had one sorbet and one frozen custard soft serve) flavors and the usual toppings (fruit, mochi, syrups, jellies, candy, cookies, nuts, cereal, cheesecake bits, sprinkles) for 43 cents an ounce.  There was a space in the wall for another frozen yogurt machine so they could easily offer 14 flavors a day if they decide to offer more flavors. The fro-yo comes from multiple companies.


Self-Serve Dry Toppings Bar

Self-Serve Dry Toppings Bar

The fro-yo comes out of the machine really fast and is lighter in texture than usual. The shop is simply decorated, rather no frills in appearance. The cups are plain. In addition to fro-yo, they have freshly baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, churros and Peet’s Coffee.


I tried all three tart frozen yogurt flavors: blueberry acai, mango and Italian tart. The Italian tart was the tartest of the three and also my favorite. The mango and blueberry acai weren’t tart enough for me but they were pleasantly fruity. All three flavors had a creamy, smooth and light texture.


Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines

Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines

I think 43 cents is a bit higher than it should be given the location (i.e., proximity to Yogurtland). It feels like a no frills place but the price is higher than average.


Check their Facebook page for promotions and fro-yo flavors.


You know you love me. X0 X0, fro-yo girl.


Rating: 3.5/5


You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.


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* TRUE BLISS YOGURT N’TREATS: 385 S. Kiely Blvd. Suite #20, San Jose, CA 95129

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