Next Door Sweets, San Francisco, CA

Next Door Sweets, Dessert Bar & Froyo Shop

Next Door Sweets, Dessert Bar & Froyo Shop

Fro-yo girl here. San Tung Restaurant, the ridiculously popular Chinese restaurant, opened Next Door Sweets right next door in late 2011. Next Door Sweets was originally focused on desserts, offering a case of Gelateria Naia (22 flavors of gelato and sorbetto), 4 flavors of self-serve fro-yo, cakes, cupcakes and cookies from Ultimate Cookie, Capricorn coffee, tea and boba drinks. The coffee is decent and the gelato is very good.


They now offer the full San Tung menu, so the café has evolved into an extended part of San Tung. It used to be easy to find a seat but that’s no longer the case. Most people who were there ordered San Tung’s famous dry-fried chicken wings.


The fro-yo and toppings are 43 cents an ounce. The toppings bar is small and includes syrups, cereal, cookies, candy, and nuts. If you want fresh fruit and mochi, ask for it at the counter (they’re kept in the fridge). The fruit, especially chopped strawberries, did not look fresh.


Self-Serve Dry Toppings Bar for Frozen Yogurt

Self-Serve Dry Toppings Bar for Frozen Yogurt

There weren’t many toppings to add to your fro-yo (9 dry toppings – sprinkles, nuts, candy, cookies, cereal) and syrups. I didn’t see any fresh fruit or mochi (for fro-yo). Ask for sample cups for fro-yo at the register.


The frozen yogurt was a fail. The strawberry fro-yo was way too soft. The Original Tart tasted very lemony and did not seem fresh. The texture wasn’t too icy but it melted quickly. The fruit wasn’t fresh. The mini chocolate chips tasted funny.


The café has interesting ceilings with cutouts and different colored lights. The rest of the cafe is decorated simply with inexpensive furniture. It will likely remain a popular place because of the San Tung menu, not because of the frozen yogurt.


Taylor Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines

Taylor Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines

Next Door Sweets doesn’t open till noon and is closed on Tuesdays.


Rating: 2/5


You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.


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* NEXT DOOR SWEETS: 1033 Irving St., San Francisco, CA 94122

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