Red Mango, Emeryville, CA

Red Mango, Emeryville, CA

Red Mango, Emeryville, CA Storefront

Fro-yo girl here. Emeryville finally has a frozen yogurt shop!  Red Mango has returned to the Bay Area with its first self-serve fro-yo shop in Northern California. Named as the 2011 Zagat Rated #1 Frozen Yogurt and Smoothie Chain in the US, Red Mango features a creamier style of premium all natural fro-yo, spoonable smoothies and specialty drinks like Lemonade Chillers and Frozen Coffee Chillers. Their yogurt is kosher and gluten free.

The Emeryville location which opened last week at the Bay Street Shopping Center, features 10 flavors of self-serve fro-yo a day and 40 toppings, including fresh fruit (more varieties than usual), mochi, popping boba, candy, cereal, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, and syrups. The toppings are fairly standard. You can choose a cone, fro-yo cup or parfait cup. It’s 45 cents an ounce.

Red Mango Taylor Soft serve machines

Sweet fro-yo flavors are labeled as “classic.” They had some interesting tart flavors like White Peach (dense, creamy, smooth, sweet & juicy), Winter Caramel (creamy, thick, with a hint of caramel flavor) along with their creamy Original tart. The tart flavors were a bit too sweet for me but I did really like the creamy, smooth texture. I never liked the Tangomonium flavor.

You can avoid paying sales tax by taking it to go. Join Club Mango, their frequent buyer program to earn rewards.

Rating: 4/5

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Red Mango Delight!

* RED MANGO: 5616 Bay St. 5609, Emeryville, CA 94608

Red Mango Topping Bar

Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt, San Francisco, CA

Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt, San Francisco, CA

Fro-yo girl here. Easy Breezy just opened in Noe Valley last week and it’s been so popular that they sold out of frozen yogurt by Sunday evening. In the weeks before the shop opened, I noticed many people stop and look at the storefront as though they really wanted some fro-yo. The owners are Noe Valley residents who wanted to bring quality fro-yo to the neighborhood.

There’s much to like about Easy Breezy. First, it’s rustic and cute with lots of wood everywhere, including wood log benches. The mascot is an adorable cup of smiling fro-yo  with arms and legs. Second, it’s eco-friendly. Third, they’ve come up with their own fro-yo recipes and some are organic. Fourth, they had organic berries, peanut butter filled pretzels and biscotti as toppings.

Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt, San Francisco, CA

You’ll find 6 flavors a day (mostly fro-yo but I also spotted a custard) with fresh fruit, mochi, brownies, cheesecake bits, nuts, cookies, candy, cookie dough, popping boba, syrups and more for 50 cents an ounce. My favorite was their organic lime tart fro-yo (it’s so rare to see lime fro-yo) made with fresh lime juice. It was creamy, smooth, fresh and tangy. So good! Tom’s tart, the original tart flavor, was also delicious and creamy, though a bit airier than I prefer.

Fro-yo flavors of the day:

* French custard

* Tom’s tart

* Cake batter

Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt

* Lime

* Vanilla bean

* Chocolate milk

Pick up a frequent buyer card and an Easy Breezy t-shirt if you’re so inclined. The t-shirts feature the cute smiling cup of fro-yo mascot.

Rating: 4.5/5

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* EASY BREEZY FROZEN YOGURT: 4028 24th St., San Francisco, CA 94114

Freasy Funnel Review – Cleaning your machine quick and easy!

Freasy Funnel Review

Freasy Funnel on Stoelting Machine

There are very few items out on the market that specifically help the store operator save time.  With the rise in the multi-machine yogurt concept the issue comes up of cleaning the machines and for many has become quite a task.  Each machine must be cleaned 2 times per week, and with 6-10 machines each day most shops are cleaning 2-5 machines.

In an effort to save time one shop owner came up with the nifty idea of the Freasy Funnel.  This device is a simple replacement for the large heavy buckets used to transport waste and or sanitizer water left over from cleaning machines.  Most yogurt shops are set up with the machines set in one place, often hooked up to permanent coolant lines.  This makes it difficult to move the machines and take them apart.

With the Freasy Funnel, the chore of moving buckets is alleviated somewhat by allowing the wastewater to be drained out and discarded on the spot.  The way it works is that you take the body of the Freasy Funnel and strap it to your faceplate and then run the tube into a nearby drain or mop bucket behind the machines.  This helps keep the nasty stuff away from your front of house and easier to transport with less chance of a major spill.  As shown on their video, it works really well if you already have drains nearby your machines.  If not, then the mop bucket method works ok.

This device is easy to use, and fits on most major models of soft serve equipment.  Their website shows which machines and shows a video of it in use.  Overall, the Freasy Funnel is a cheap way to make cleaning your machines easy. Most shops would probably only need one Funnel, and they seem sturdy to last quite a long time.  Someday this will be the standard for all soft serve machines.

Cost:    4

Quality  4

Ease of use  5

Parts  5

Service  5

Upkeep cost  N/A

Efficiency   5

Overall  4.5

Honeyberry, Milpitas, CA

Honeyberry Frozen Yogurt

Fro-yo girl here.  Honeyberry is a growing chain of fro-yo, gelato, milk tea, and roti bun shops that started in Santa Clara, CA. Roti buns, which are soft, sugar topped freshly baked buns, were added to the lineup later and they seem very popular. The shop smells like freshly baked roti buns. The roti buns seem more popular than the fro-yo.


Honeyberry Milpitas is one of their larger locations and it has a wall with three fro-yo machines. The six flavors of self-serve fro-yo and toppings are 33 cents an ounce. There are fewer toppings than usual  (18 plus syrups) but they have the basics: fresh fruit, mochi, jellies, nuts, sprinkles, candy, cookies, cereal, etc. The sample cups are at the toppings bar.


Honeyberry, Milpitas, CA

I’ve visited several of their locations and the original tart is consistency their best frozen yogurt flavor. The original tart is very refreshing, tangy-sweet and smooth. Their yogurt is icier than average. The green tea fro-yo is very sweet, like green tea ice cream. Their tart flavors seem to be better than their sweet flavors.


The shop is bright and cutesy with stuffed animals on display. White and lavender are the shop colors. They have board games and free wi-fi.


Honeyberry, Milpitas, CA

In addition to fro-yo, gelato, milk tea, and roti buns, they have waffles, shaved ice, coffee and honey toast. You can even get shaved ice with fro-yo (it’s called snow yogurt). Yes, there’s something for everyone.


Rating: 3/5

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* HONEYBERRY: 1735 N. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035

Harmony Frozen Yogurt, San Carlos, CA

Harmony Frozen Yogurt

Fro-yo girl here. Harmony was the first organic frozen yogurt shop to open in the Bay Area. The store remains very much focused on providing organic, healthful offerings, including Straus organic frozen yogurt, Straus organic ice cream, Straus organic soft serve ice cream, organic (non-frozen) yogurt parfaits and smoothies. They carry 5 organic fro-yo flavors a day and one organic soft serve ice cream.

Fro-yo flavors of the day:

* Natural

* Dark chocolate

* Blueberry pomegranate

* Strawberry

* Raspberry

Harmony Frozen Yogurt Toppings

Their frozen yogurt is made with Straus Family Creamery organic yogurt. Natural tart is always offered and it’s their best flavor. It’s creamy, dense, thick and smooth with a very clean, pure, natural taste. A slight icy edge makes it crisp and refreshing. Raspberry tart is also a good flavor. The raspberry flavor is a bit tarter than the natural. I like how their yogurt has real yogurt taste and isn’t too sweet. However, some of the fruit flavors are too faint and the texture is sometimes too dense.

Harmony doesn’t carry as many toppings as others but they make up for lack of quantity with higher quality, including chocolate sauces, organic agave nectar, fresh fruit, fruit purees, mochi, granola, cookies, chocolate chips, and nuts. They only have one type of candy topping, gummy bears.

* Natural: Mini ($2.25)/ Small ($2.75)/ Medium ($4)/ Large ($5.50)
* Flavored: Mini ($2.75)/ Small ($3.25)/ M ($4.50)/ Large ($6)

Look for the weekly deal, a small fro-yo with 1 topping for $1.95.

The décor looks natural and organic with light wood and leather chairs. The community bulletin board, TV, free wi-fi and outdoor patio make an inviting place to hang out.

Harmony Frozen Yogurt Toppings

Harmony is a green business. Cups are composted. They also have a bonus card program. Collect 10 stamps and get a free small fro-yo

Rating: 4.5/5

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* HARMONY FROZEN YOGURT: 852 Laurel St., San Carlos, CA 94070