Yo Yum Yum Frozen Yogurt, Goleta, CA

Yo Yum Yum Frozen Yogurt, Goleta, CA

Fro-yo girl here. Yo Yum Yum has three locations in the Santa Barbara area. The one in Goleta features an impressive wall of fro-yo machines, with 16 self-serve flavors a day, 16 dry toppings (sprinkles, chips, nuts, cookies, granola, candy, cereal, etc.), fresh fruit toppings and syrups for 35 cents an ounce. I didn’t spot any unusual toppings. The fruit pieces were larger than average and looked fresh.

I wasn’t too impressed with the décor. The shop has a lot of vacant space that could be used for seating. The pictures of smiling fruit characters and information about the health benefits of frozen yogurt looked generic and childish. The neon sign out front was plain tacky. The tables were dirty and the toppings area messy. I went on a warm day and they didn’t have the air-conditioning on. Even their music was terrible.

My samples of fro-yo were all too soft. Café Latte fro-yo was bitter and creamy. The Original Tart fro-yo was quite disappointing. It tasted like icy lemonade. Cookies n’ Cream fro-yo was far too sweet and tasted like chocolate cake batter.

Their location in Carpinteria was much better (better tasting fro-yo, cleaner, better toppings). All three of their locations would benefit from firmer fro-yo and more attractive signs.

Rating: 2/5

You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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* YO YUM YUM YOGURT: 5915 Calle Real, Suite A, Goleta, CA 93117


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