Frozen Yogurt Mix Review – The Honey Hill Farms

Frozen Yogurt Mix Review – The Honey Hill Farms

The honey hill farms are a national supplier of frozen yogurt mix products.  They are based out of Arkansas and have been serving up tasty froyo for over 30 years.

Here’s what we like most – great tasting frozen yogurt and many great flavors!  The flavor, quality and consistency of The Honey Hill Farms make them our favorite in national wholesalers.  They work with companies such as Sysco to offer easy and affordable distribution throughout the US.  The Honey Hill Farms offer a wide variety of great tasting year round flavors in low-fat, non-fat, no-sugar, and NSA (no sugar added) as well as sorbets and seasonal frozen yogurt flavors.  Many of the mixes are also gluten free, which is increasingly popular.  All of the frozen yogurt mix they sell are certified to have live cultures, which is really the important health benefit to frozen yogurt.   They even seem to use real pieces of the flavor of mix, for example the Strawberry Sensation we sampled had real strawberry seeds, the dreamy dark chocolate (non-fat and hard to believe) is amazing and three kinds of real cocoa, giving it an amazingly smooth, rich, and flavorful chocolate taste.

Another thing we like about The Honey Hill Farms is that it doesn’t seem that they make flavors and sell them just to add more variety.  The flavors they release are all generally great, if it’s your flavor.  Some companies produce tons of flavors, but you can only find a small selection that is worth eating.  There is not point to have bad yogurt in your store just because you want to boast “more flavors” then the competition – people will actually notice.   Another nice detail that store owners have shared with us is they sell their yogurt in a plastic container, similar to a milk gallon.  This is nice because if the product expands due to freezing or elevation it is not likely to break and leak like a paper carton would.

Also, they offer a “Yogologist” program where you can go to the plant, try the product, samples machines, and get tons of great information to help get started with your own store or business.

Taste: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Variety: 5/5

Distribution: 4/5 (not easily available in every state)

Quality: 4.5/5


All in all, The Honey Hill Farms gets a 5/5 rating from us.   Stay tuned for reviews of other product suppliers such as YoCream, Nancy’s Frozen Yogurt, Yoki Bliss, Dryers, and PreGel America mix.

Please comment with questions or if you would like more information on any particular product.


9 thoughts on “Frozen Yogurt Mix Review – The Honey Hill Farms

  1. Love your Blog! I have been in business for a year now. We have been using Yocream at the beginning but is slowing changing over to Honey Hill. The company is definitely getting more competitive with the flavor choices. While Honey Hill produces a better product in our ElectroFreeze Machines, Yocream seems to be a winner in the wide selection of choices for the customers.
    Keep up with the great work!

  2. I am new to your site but am loving all that I read. Our stores use both Honey Hill & Yocream frozen yogurt in our two locations. Our customer base seem to enjoy flavoring from both of these two suppliers. I truly like the Honey Hill customer loyalty program but the idea of having to exclusively carry one brand of Yogurt was not a option for Yogurt Plus, mainly we did not want to limit ourselves to one brand. I would love to see your reviews on these other suppliers we have not used

  3. Hello There,
    Great information on your site. thank you. We purchased an existing store that was in business for 5mths and we have been in business since end of October so we’ve been able to pull through the cold months. The original owner used Yocream and we added two flavors of the Honeyhill yogurt. We decided to check out another company called Itaberco and the yogurt is really great but very expensive, tons of great product and support is great. We plan on checking out Cielo and do a price comparison because it appears we are not making any profit from the more expensive product. Based on your price/oz on the cielo, you mentioned an average cost of .45cents /oz and the product we buy is much more than cielo’s product which means we are not making any profit at all. Do you think buying different products from different manufactures is a great idea? Your thoughts. I can provide you more information if you need it. thanks again

    • Are you still running the Frozen Yogurt shop? Which flavors have most ratings and reviews from the customers, Honeyhills or YoCream?

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