Yogurtland, Seattle, WA

Yogurtland, Seattle, WA –
Capital Hill 

Fro-yo girl here.  Yogurtland pretty much has everything you’d want in a self-serve frozen yogurt chain, including value, variety, consistency, innovative fro-yo flavors, friendly employees, and attractive décor. Each location features a green and white tile wall, flatscreen LCD monitors that display the latest fro-yo flavors, and complimentary fruit infused water. Bright, oversized fruit pictures add to the fun, vibrant atmosphere.

Like your typical Yogurtland, this location in Capitol Hill has 16 frozen yogurt flavors a day and well over 40 toppings, including more varieties of fresh fruit than most other places. New fro-yo flavors are introduced regularly. The newest flavors are Tangerine Tango and Dulce De Licious. Fro-yo and toppings are 35 cents an ounce. Dulce De Licious fro-yo blends cream and caramel into a smooth, creamy, sweet flavor reminiscent of caramel candy but more mellow. Madagascar Vanilla fro-yo has visible flecks of vanilla bean and a distinctive vanilla flavor. The texture is smooth and creamy but the aftertaste is slightly bitter. Fresh strawberry fro-yo is made with real strawberries but it also has a bitter aftertaste. The plain tart strikes the right balance between creamy and icy, with plenty of flavor and a sweet aftertaste. Their best fro-yo flavors are the ones with real cookie bits, something you can’t find at most fro-yo shops.

Your first stop should be at the register to get your sample cups. Grab a cup, add fro-yo and toppings and choose a spoon color (pink or green). The compostable spoons are imprinted with the Yogurtland logo. Their partnerships with Tokidoki and Hello Kitty had people across the country saving and even selling fro-yo spoons.

Rating: 4.5/5

You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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* YOGURTLAND: 1620 Broadway, Ste. D, Seattle, WA 98122  ph. (206) 860-1386

Yogurt Brothers- 120th & Vrain, Westminster, Colorado

Yogurt Brothers- Westminster, CO

Forget Mario Brothers, Yogurt Brothers are in town! Yogurt Brothers Frozen Yogurt is a local, family owned and operated self-serve frozen yogurt store located in Westminster, Colorado.  They will celebrate their one year anniversary in May.  I heard of Yogurt Brothers from a fellow frozen yogurt enthusiast and she claimed that they had the best frozen yogurt in Westminster. I had two cups and I must agree.

For my first try of Yogurt Brothers’ frozen yogurt, I did a twist of Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet and Pomegranate Sorbet.  Each on its own is quite good, together, though, left me overwhelmed with tartness.  I added hemp granola and fresh mango as toppings, both fresh and tasty.  I didn’t want my first impression of Yogurt Brothers to be the too-tart tasting, so I had to have another cup and decided on a more “traditional” Dutch Chocolate topped with Reese’s Cups and M&M minis.  This was like heaven incarnate in frozen yogurt- smooth, rich and delectable. 

Yogurt Brothers has 8 frozen yogurt machines on tap with 24 possible flavor combinations, 16 flavorful blends and the option for twist.  They have some wildly unique blends, including Greek, Coconut and Pistachio, all of which are delicious!  The pistachio blend, in particular, is a creamy, smooth flavor combination of the nut and vanilla. It’s also green which makes it fun!  I have seen these flavors before, but not regularly. Yogurt Brothers does change their flavors often, so make sure you frequent their store to see what’s new!  My only complaint for this location is that pricing is on the higher end at $0.44 per ounce and I also had to ask for sample cups, which I understand from a business perspective, but as a customer it’s annoying.  Aside from that, Yogurt Brothers gets an overall 5 out of 5 star rating for flavor, toppings and atmosphere!

Yogurt Brothers features two, large flat-screens.  They had a movie playing, offering a bit of entertainment to their large crowd of young clientele.  I was among roughly a dozen customers visiting their store front this evening for an after-dinner treat, and there was a handful coming in as I was leaving.  Apparently, to the locals of Westminster, Yogurt Brothers’ delicious frozen yogurt treats are no secret.  Yogurt Brothers offers indoor and patio seating.  The staff is friendly and energetic and the overall environment is lively, fun and local (which I always love).  The back walls behind the register are white boards filled with events, local sports stats and a “Quote of the Day”.  Yogurt Brothers offered me a fantastic and delicious end to my day.

How to: Starting a self-serve frozen yogurt business / shop. Part 1

How to:  Starting a self-serve frozen yogurt business / shop.  Part 1

Frozen yogurt is tasty, healthy, and also a desert, or is it dessert?  Just in case you don’t know, desserts have been around a couple thousand years (so have deserts) and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  So, with people more health conscious than ever, why not make it froyo?  With live cultures, potential for organics, no sugar added and low/nonfat options – it’s the right choice.  Opening a franchise frozen yogurt store or even your own concept is a great choice too, as long as you do your homework and follow a few proven techniques to ensure you end up successful.  We have been researching frozen yogurt franchises and ma and pops for years at the frozen yogurt review, and here is what we feel to be the most important “ingredients” to owning a successful self-serve location:


–          Great tasting product (duh, but you’d be surprised! – or maybe not?)

–          Great location (we will give tips for finding good spots below)

–          Good, no, GREAT atmosphere!

–          Mediocre employees…NOOOT…Great Employees!  (By the way, it’s your responsibility to train them to be great!  We will go over that too if you can read that far)

–          Um, social media and marketing, maybe?  Depends on your intentions, and just how GREAT you are!  We will also make suggestions – there are lots of free tips to succeed that worked great for Steve Jobs!  Think newspapers, magazines, etc.  Why not flatter an unknowing columnist and con, I mean convince them into writing an article on you!


So, this is a good place to start, we will go over these topics in paragraph form in order of bullet.  At the end of it all we will go into even more detail on what and where to you will actually need in the store.  These are just logistics and not as important as the concept, or “foundation”.

Great tasting frozen yogurt product:

Pretty self-explanatory, but cannot be said enough!  Test as many different brands as you can, and pick one with great flavors, and plenty of them.  You want the company to have at least 10 good flavors year round and then a variety of sorbets, seasonal, and low/nonfat and NSA (no sugar added) options.  You also want to make sure the company has good distribution to your store so that you are not let down and run out of product.   Good consistency is produced by good yogurt, a machine no matter what brand should produce good yogurt if the settings are correct.  If the frozen yogurt is too icy it’s usually the setting on the soft serve machine, not the machine itself, or it could be bad product with no stabilizers or poor content.   Anyways, don’t get a bad tasting yogurt in your store that leaves people with a bad aftertaste.

Great location:

The better the location, the more visibility, the more foot traffic, the more sales.  Here are some good tips:  Make sure the sign is visible from the street, and if it’s a 4 way intersection make sure you are able to have a visible sign from each position a car will be stopped (all 4 directions, also make sure the sign portrays that you are frozen yogurt store).  Be close to schools!  Don’t underestimate the desire and manipulative ability of children; they will get their parents to take them for frozen yogurt after school or after soccer practice.  High school kids will also want to go get a snack after school and hang out.  Also make sure if possible that you are close to restaurants, movie theaters, nice places to walk, business parks, and high traffic areas.  Do research to find the closest competition – make sure you have a plan for getting people to come to your store instead of theirs – or, pick another spot.  If it doesn’t make sense to you it sure won’t make sense to them.  Also, you should be able to get a couple months free rent on your lease – get a commercial broker to put a proposal together for you, remember the leasing agent for the space is required to put the land lords best interest before yours!   They should also help with build out costs.

Great atmosphere:

Think hard about how you want your frozen yogurt shop to “feel”.  Get a clear “feeling” in your mind prior to starting anything else.  Hold onto this “feeling” and radiate it in to every decision you make, tell people who you think don’t even care – this creates passion – the best artwork is always done from passion.  Opening a frozen yogurt shop should be fun, and it will be successful.   Make sure all of your furniture, colors, store layout, and design all go together and work in accordance with your theme “feel”.  When everything and everyone is working together in your store it will create an energy that will attract people back to your business, this force is powerful, do not neglect the force!  Each detail should be thought out and not overlooked.  Also, we recommend hiring an architect, or designer, or contractor who has done a frozen yogurt shop before.  They understand how to build out the walls correctly to reach through, get the place set up with the right electrical, air flow, etc.

Great Employees:

Make sure your employees get the “feeling”.  Hire people with passion, who love their job, and who like people.  They will need to interact with people, and if they are happy and give off good vibes then that’s the first thing your customers will notice.  Some people will never have had self-serve frozen yogurt before and will look at all the machines and be thinking in their head “WTF, what am I supposed to do?”  Have your employees ask people if they have been there before, show them where the sample cups are, encourage them to try the flavors, and explain they pay per ounce and get yogurt then add their own toppings.  Make it fun!  Everyone should be greeted.  Also make sure you have enough people so that if someone is cutting fruit, or filling the machines with product, someone is still out front to cashier and greet.  It’s worth it!  Be the frozen yogurt store in the pictures with lines to the curb; don’t just expect to have people casually come in every half hour.   Make sure your employees also understand the value of cleanliness.

Social Media, Marketing, etc:

Facebook page?  Absolutely, it’s free and people will like you, then you can promote deals, new flavors and get people talking about your store.  Do not overlook this simple tool.  Google listing, good places, do we really even have to say it!?!   I went to get a haircut 2 months ago and wanted to call earlier this week to check the hours and couldn’t find their number on the internet, are you kidding!!!  Guess what I did, Google mapped from my phone the next closest place and went there.   Another great idea, get the local newspaper or magazine to feature your store and do a story on you.  People love frozen yogurt, take advantage of it, if you’re the first self-serve store in town get on the phone and pimp yourself out!  They will do a story on it.  Their alternative is to try to make up a story on the local homeless celebrity…  Twitter also works.  Make sure you are listed and utilizing all available free social media and news.  Do deals, and put them on your Facebook page.  If you have a local high school or college then do a mascot theme night, or a sorority night with giveaways and specials.  One of the local frozen yogurt shops does sorority nights and has a lot of success.  Another shop offers delivery on their yogurt!  That is the ultimate treat to college stoners (sorry, but it’s true).

After you have the concept, have the passion, and are fired up to go you need to do the following:

Get a lease on a great spot, get a great build out, get good new machines (service, warrantee, etc.) try to save some money on the machines, there are alternatives out there now and this is a big expense (donper, forte equipment, spaceman usa) – don’t use an import company like palm island trading, you don’t want to get left high and dry with nowhere to get parts or service.  You can save up to $50,000 on soft serve equipment.  Same with refrigerators, topping bar and dispensers, point of sale equipment, etc. (TurnKeyparlor.com, restaurant depot, katom.com and many more)   Get a great logo and name for your store that can be branded, loved, and recognized.  Form an LLC, corporation, or DBA if already have one.  Find the product, have the sales reps help you find other things you need like cups, spoons, toppings, fruit.  If you have a big local distributor like Sysco or US Foods contact them.  They should be able to supply a good portion of your needs and even tell you things you didn’t think of.  Hire someone to make a website.  You can get a good one made by companies like inMotion hosting for a good price.  Or make one on word press (like this site).  Badabing-badaboom!  If you have the passion and can follow some proven methods you are ready to rumba!  Oh yeah, you might need some cash too 🙂

Zinga Frozen Yogurt- 104th & Federal Blvd., Westminster, CO

Zinga! Frozen Yogurt, Westminster, Colorado

On this lovely, 65 degree and overcast afternoon, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to take my 4 year daughter to get her first official cup of frozen yogurt. It’s slim-pickin’s in my area of northeast Denver when it comes to self-serve frozen yogurt shops but thanks to Google we found Zinga Frozen Yogurt in Westminster, which is only about a ten minute drive down 104th Avenue from our neighborhood in Thornton, Colorado.  Zinga is part of a small and growing national franchise chain and this location is one of two in the Denver Metro area.  Zinga Frozen Yogurt sits at the far corner of a large shopping center, surrounded by an eclectic variety of shops, businesses and cuisine.  On the approach to Zinga’s storefront, our senses were overwhelmed by the delicious smells streaming from the Indian restaurant next door.  This surely intensified our hunger pangs and only made us more eager to fill our bellies with a frozen yogurt treat. 

I have said this before, and I adamantly support that great customer service will make or break ANY dining experience.  This Zinga Frozen Yogurt location has a terrific staff. The girls working today were friendly, energetic, well-spoken, knowledgeable and apparently just as excited about selling frozen yogurt as their patrons are eating it!  Korinna, in particular (and I hope I am correct in my spelling) spent a good amount of time going over their frozen yogurt flavors, nutrition facts, store promotions, charity and fundraising events and everything else frozen yogurt and Zinga related.  It always reflects highly of a business when the employees are smiling and appear happy in their workplace.

Some fun facts about Zinga are, although they are part of franchise, they are very much involved in the local community.  They offer “date night” specials, work with local schools and athletics programs for fundraising, and I even saw a flyer supporting blanket donations for local hospitals by offering a free frozen yogurt to those customers who care to donate.  Zinga Frozen Yogurt will also host birthday parties!  What a great idea!  Additionally, Zinga has frozen yogurt to go.  You can get your favorite Zinga flavors pre-packaged and sealed in plastic containers, which is almost as cool as fro-yo delivery.  Maybe they can tackle that next, because I would for sure be a repeat delivery customer!

Alright, down to business.  Zinga Frozen Yogurt boasts a modest variety of full-flavored and perfectly blended frozen yogurt and sorbet varieties.  One flavor that I have not seen in many other frozen yogurt shops is an orange sorbet.  I am not a huge fan of the orange flavor in general, but again, their blend was robust and smooth, and was well balanced with the right amount of tart and tang.  They also offer a watermelon sorbet and the option for twist.  My daughter and I did a fair amount of sampling before she decided that the raspberry blend was the way to go.  We topped our frozen yogurt with yogurt chips, fresh, ripened strawberry slices, chocolate chips and M&Ms.  The topping choice was strictly catered to the four year old’s cravings.  My only complaint is not of their frozen yogurt, but the topping choice of my daughter.  I am not a fan of fruit and chocolate, but aside from that my frozen yogurt cup gets 5 out of 5 stars.  Zinga’s frozen yogurt is absolutely and tremendously delicious.  Great texture and it held consistency until the very last bite.  Zinga’s topping selection overall is adequate.  They offer a nice variety of chocolate and candy toppings and they have plenty of fresh, ripe fruits to choose from as well. Zinga Frozen Yogurt does uniquely offer an in-house fresh baked waffle cone-in-cup option as a nice upgrade to the traditional “cup” mode of self-serve frozen yogurt dining.  This option comes at a low price of $0.50 in addition to their already below market $0.39 per ounce frozen yogurt pricing. Zinga also bakes in-house short cakes to accompany their frozen yogurt, both yellow and chocolate. If you are in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, Zinga has Keurig coffee blends on hand for $1.99 per standard sized cup.  There is free water as well.

The store is fun and fresh with chalkboards and bulletin boards.  There is tons of indoor and outdoor seating.  Zinga has a front patio as well as a large back patio with a good bit of shade and I say Zinga is definitely geared to provide great atmosphere and frozen yogurt for their summer customers.  I give Zinga a 5 out of 5 star rating.  My daughter agrees and we’ll be back this summer to enjoy their patio seating and delicious frozen yogurt.

A Satisfied Customer!

Rockit Swirl, San Francisco, CA

Rockit Swirl, San Francisco, CA

Fro-yo girl here. Rockit Swirl has a cute spaceship theme but it offers a pretty ordinary self-serve fro-yo experience. At 41 cents an ounce, it’s on the expensive side for average fro-yo and a limited number of toppings. They carry 6 fro-yo flavors a day, 16 dry toppings (cereal, candy, nuts, cookies), 2 shakers with sprinkles, syrups and a refrigerated fresh fruit station with mochi, brownie bites, fruit, chopped candy bars, and cookie dough bites. You can ask for whipped cream at the counter.

I tried the original tart fro-yo with crunchy cornflakes, strawberries and mochi. The original tart is pretty good. It’s creamy yet refreshing, smooth and the right density. The raspberry pomegranate tart is also flavorful and tangy but tastes less natural and more syrupy than the original tart. They also offer indulgent creamy fro-yo flavors like Ghirardelli chocolate and red velvet.

They do have more than fro-yo though. They also carry a case of gelato, with the option of having a gelato cookie sandwich, smoothies, pearl tea and savory fried snacks. Some of the smoothies are made with their fro-yo.

The music, the huge TV, Sega UFO catcher, three terminals with free Internet access and capsule toy machines with Hello Kitty, Barbie, Simpsons, Pokemon and Winnie the Pooh toys make it an appealing place for teens to hangout.

I miss the days when this place was Eggettes and Rockit Swirl. They had the cutest fro-yo cups back then, with the Eggettes mascot, an egg puff guy. The cups are plain now.

Rating: 3/5

You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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* ROCKIT SWIRL: 2810 Diamond St., San Francisco, CA 94131

(415) 839-5282

Nubi Yogurt, Millbrae, CA

Nubi Yogurt, Millbrae, CA

Fro-yo girl here. Nubi’s Millbrae location was the first Bay Area location for the Southern California based Nubi Yogurt chain. Nubi Millbrae opened in 2008 and Nubi currently has five locations in the Bay Area. Earlier this year, they launched their loyalty card program.

Nubi Millbrae has 12 self-serve fro-yo flavors a day, 21 dry toppings (nuts, cereal, chips, sprinkles, candies), hot syrups, fruit, jellies, popping boba, mochi and red beans for 39 cents an ounce. Their tart fro-yo flavors are a good bet, particularly my favorite, plain tart. Nubi’s plain tart strikes a pleasing balance between creamy and icy and tangy and sweet. It’s thick, smooth and full of flavor.

One of Nubi’s strengths is its roster of new fro-yo flavors. They introduce new flavors every other month or so. Some have been quite creative and exclusive to Nubi, including Chocolate Rose and Cucumber Mint. The current crop of new fro-yo flavors includes Snickerdoodle, White Chocolate Macadamia, and Sweet Coconut. I tried Snickerdoodle which definitely has cinnamon flavor and a creamy texture but doesn’t have cookie flavor. White Chocolate Macadamia had a nutty flavor but lacked white chocolate flavor.

The contemporary looking shop is spacious, sleek, and attractive. Nubi’s signature colors of blue, orange, and white appear throughout the space: blue tiles and ceiling, orange tables and wall, and white counters and trim.

Ask for a receipt. It sometimes comes with a coupon for Ono Hawaiian BBQ, their sister business.

Rating: 3.5/5

You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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* NUBI YOGURT: 979 Broadway, Millbrae, CA 94030

(650) 697-3888

Boom Yogurt Bar, 30th Street Boulder, Colorado

Boom Yogurt Bar- 30th Street Boulder, Co

Boom Yogurt Bar is a locally owned and operated self-serve frozen yogurt shop located in North Boulder on 30thstreet right before the Iris and the Diagonal Highway intersections.  It sits in a great location right next to Vic’s Coffee and 24 Hour Fitness.  There are several other businesses and shops in the area making Boom Yogurt Bar’s shopping center consistently busy.  I visited Boom Yogurt Bar on a Saturday shortly after they opened at 10 AM.  The shopping center was bustling, but Boom’s storefront was relatively quiet.  From an aesthetic standpoint, Boom offers quite a beautiful and calming environment for their frozen yogurt customers.  The floors are exposed concrete and they have used wood paneling for an accent wall and as casings for their booths.  It’s a light wood, I would guess bamboo?  The machines are mounted in a white tiled wall and the floor to ceiling glass entryway lets in an abundance of natural light.  I would compare the overall visual appeal of Boom Yogurt Bar to “spa-like”.  For a relatively small store front, Boom does offer a good amount of booth and table seating.  They also feature a slightly separated room with a leather couch and a picnic-like table that encircles a large wall-mounted flat screen.  They also have a large kids table situated in this room (which I personally find exceptionally considerate) that they have stocked with coloring books and crayons for their younger frozen yogurt lovers.

The Kids Room

The frozen yogurt and toppings selection were typical of any frozen yogurt shop.  They did not have any incredibly outrageous options, but there was enough selection of the essentials where you would be satisfied. Cost is $0.45 per ounce, competitive with other self-serve frozen yogurt shops in the area. Non-frozen yogurt items included oatmeal and donuts.  These were obviously not made in house, but a good quality food product. I would select a more health conscience fro-yo food accessory item such as bagels or breakfast wraps. They did offer a nice alternative to frozen yogurt with real yogurt, though.  So, hypothetically, you could concoct a traditional parfait which is pretty cool and not typical in most frozen yogurt shops.  I sampled on a good handful of their frozen yogurt flavors, and all of them left me with the same impression— very bland…  I chose to twist Cookies & Cream with NY Cheesecake. I topped my frozen yogurt off with chocolate and peanut butter chips and chocolate covered peanut butter wafer pieces.  On a whole, my frozen yogurt treat tasted pretty good.  The frozen yogurt itself though, again, was relatively bland.  The only thing that we could think of that might be the cause of the lackluster frozen yogurt would be that the machines are not set correctly? I can’t imagine that mix would make that big of a taste difference and texture and consistency is more watery/icey than creamy and smooth.

This was my first time at Boom and I will certainly give them another try.  At this time, though, I give their frozen yogurt 2 out of 5 stars. I will give their toppings 3.5 out of 5 stars.  There was not anything extraordinary, but all bins were full and they offered the essential goodies. I give my entire dessert experience  4 out of 5 stars only because I am a fan of the decor they’ve chosen and I like the feel of their store. Very clean, very bright. I will be back in the next week to give their fro-yo a second taste.

Planet Yogurt, Daly City, CA

Planet Yogurt, Daly City, CA

Fro-yo girl here. Planet Yogurt opened at the Serramonte Center in 2008 and it’s the only place to get fro-yo inside the mall. It’s a smaller shop with 12 self-serve fro-yo flavors a day and the usual toppings of nuts, mochi, cookies, candy, fruit, jellies, popping boba, cereal and syrups for 39 cents an ounce. They have an average number of toppings. If you want a sample of fro-yo, the employee will dispense it for you.

The shop has a clean white, modern façade and curved toppings bar. The exterior has blue and yellow signs that describe the health benefits of yogurt. The glowing counters and predominant use of white give it a futuristic space vibe. While there isn’t any seating inside the shop, it’s in the food court area so you’ll find plenty of seating there.

Not much has changed since it opened in 2008. The price is the same and the fro-yo flavors haven’t changed much either. I felt the fro-yo was too icy back in 2008. It’s still too icy. The bright pink unnatural looking strawberry fro-yo tasted like a tangy strawberry candy. It wasn’t unpleasant but it didn’t taste like yogurt or real strawberries. The mango fro-yo also tastes like candy but not as unnatural as the strawberry.









Planet Yogurt has more tart fro-yo flavors than the average self-serve fro-yo shop. The fro-yo flavors (taro, lychee) cater to the Asian/Filipino population in the area.

Rating: 2.5/5

You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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* PLANET YOGURT: 40 Serramonte Center, Daly City, CA 94015

(650) 992-8388

SoGreen Yogurt, San Francisco, CA

SoGreen Yogurt, San Francisco, CA

Fro-yo girl here. SoGreen just opened at the new Metreon last week, after moving from their Crocker Galleria location. If you visited the Crocker Galleria, the menu and the clean, white, minimalist look haven’t changed much.

SoGreen carries 6 fro-yo flavors a day and 2 dozen toppings (typical toppings, including mochi, fruit, chips, cereal, coconut, nuts and cookies). Original tart is always available and the other flavors rotate. During my visit the specialty flavors were: blueberry acai, strawberry tart, cappuccino, vanilla, and chocolate.

Fro-yo prices:
Small ($2.95)/ Medium ($3.95)/Large ($5.75) for original tart
Small ($3.50)/ Medium ($4.50)/Large ($6.25) for specialty flavors

The original tart was firm and icier than average. The texture was fairly smooth with some clumps. It was quite flavorful with a clean, sweet, tangy finish. The fro-yo was light and refreshing but some might find it too icy. The small pineapple chunks  were fresh (not canned) and sweet.

SoGreen once emphasized its green tea. They sold green tea and claimed to have the best green tea fro-yo around. Their green tea fro-yo was indeed very good. Sadly, it wasn’t being offered during my visit. Over the years, SoGreen evolved into a pastry, coffee and fro-yo shop. Their pops and bakes are waffle like creations. I tried the pops and they’re small balls dusted in powdered sugar, like Hong Kong style egg waffles but softer.

SoGreen doesn’t have its own seating area but there is plenty of seating inside the eco Metreon dining terrace. The new dining terrace has a modern, clean look that fits well with SoGreen’s design. The Metreon also provides free wi-fi.

Rating: 4/5

You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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* SOGREEN YOGURT: 135 4th St. Metreon Level 1, San Francisco, CA 94103