Cleaning your frozen yogurt machine

We have received several questions from people asking how often to clean their frozen yogurt machines.  Here is an answer given from one of our partners Jeff at Forte Supply:

First of all, it should be determined by the city health inspector when and how to clean frozen yogurt machines – they are the officials of health!  This information is given as a general rule and not meant to overturn any information given by a professional.

That being said I recommend our clients to  clean their machines weekly.  It takes over 7 days for the yogurt culture to begin to grow new bacteria if it is kept at a temperature under 42 degrees in the mixing hopper and in the freezing cylinder.  Cleaning the machines daily is unnecessary, costly, and a waste of time.   On the other hand, you do not want to wait more than 6 days to clean ice cream machines.  I recommend every 5 days, this is ideal for the longevity of the machine as well as for health reasons.  Daily measures should be taken to make sure the machine is kept clean, and covered, and at the correct temperature.  The yogurt or ice cream mix should never be higher then 42 degrees.  Also, the mix hopper is always to be covered so that dirt, dust, or other items do not fall in.  Keep the stainless steel, plastic, and any items in contact with people or product clean and wiped often with a sanitary solution and towel.  These things should be done several times per day.  The cleaning of the inside of the machine, including freezing cylinders, valves, mixers, and hoppers is not necessarily as often.

When cleaning the machine it is important to use the correct mix of cleaning solution made specifically for soft serve machines, also it is important to use food grade sanitary lubricant on any pieces that need to be lubricated.  Do not use substitutions for these two items.  For instance, please do not use bleach or your own cleaning solution to save money.  Don’t use petroleum jelly or cooking oil as lubricant.  If you are unsure, then ask.

One more thing, don’t forget to turn your machine off or to clean when cleaning or rinsing with water.  Many times this step is forgotten and the machine is on, freezes the water, jams the freezing cylinder, and causes major problems!  Take your time to learn the proper procedure and avoid losses.

For more information on cleaning a frozen yogurt machine or for any questions relating to frozen yogurt equipment feel free to call us at 888-610-5520


Jeff Resnick – Forte Supply

5 thoughts on “Cleaning your frozen yogurt machine

  1. Our county says we need to clean the machines each night with a cleaning solution and dissassemble the machine and use cleaning solution to clean all the parts.

    Then the next morning, we need to rer-assemble the machine and run sanitizer which can be 100 chlorine ppm or 200 for amonia.

    What is an example of a “cleaning solution”? We run sanitizer, but I don’t think we are running cleaning solution. What is an appropriate cleaning solution?

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