Fraiche Yogurt, San Francisco, CA

Fro-yo girl here. Fraiche Yogurt’s first shop outside of Palo Alto is a perfect fit for the stylish Fillmore/Pacific Heights neighborhood. Fraiche’s commitment to being fresh, wholesome and high quality is evident in every aspect of their business.

Fraiche is unique in several ways: they make their own fresh, all natural organic Greek yogurt and frozen yogurt and the toppings (e.g., honey, toasted nuts, fruit purees) are healthier. They’re one of few shops to offer soy frozen yogurt. The fro-yo is hand-blended, artisanal and organic.

They have four flavors of fro-yo a day. Organic natural and organic soy fro-yo are always on hand. The other flavors include pomegranate, pumpkin, Valrhona chocolate, Oreo cookie. I’ve tried all of their fro-yo flavors and my favorites are natural and pumpkin. The soy fro-yo isn’t tangy. It’s quite sweet and icy but not watery. The natural is the cleanest flavor. It leans towards the icy side of the fro-yo spectrum and it tastes like fro-yo. It’s not as sweet as your typical original/plain tart. Unfortunately, they’ve been having machine issues for months and fro-yo texture has suffered. I thought it was a temporary problem but I’m still running into gritty, overly soft fro-yo.

Returning to the toppings, the fruit is always fresh and they have homemade toppings like mochi (the best in town), granola, and a thick, rich chocolate magic shell.

Fro-yo prices: Junior $3.15/ Regular $4/ Large $5.25

In addition to fresh and frozen yogurt, they serve Blue Bottle Coffee, steel cut oatmeal (delicious topped with fro-yo, sounds strange but it works), frittata, restorative beverages (juices, kombucha), and baked goods.

The space is lovely. It’s rustic and farm inspired but at the same time modern and sophisticated. There are black and white pictures of cows and the yogurt making process on the walls and magazines for browsing. Patrons can also enjoy free wi-fi. Spoons and cups are compostable.

They’re open at 7 AM, so you can have fro-yo for breakfast.

Rating: 4.5/5

You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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* FRAICHE YOGURT: 1910 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA 94115

Ripple Frozen Yogurt- Boulder, CO (30th & Arapahoe)

Ripple Frozen Yogurt, Boulder, Colorado (30th & Arapahoe)

Attention Boulder-ites! Ripple Frozen Yogurt is now in the delivery business!  It’s true, if you live in Boulder, you can now get your favorite frozen yogurt dessert delivered right to your front door!  Ripple Frozen Yogurt, located at 30thStreet & Arapahoe in Boulder offers an incredible selection of 16 different flavors of frozen yogurt (not including the twist option)— all natural, all delicious and all local!  With 60+ toppings to choose from— you name it, they probably have it!  Yes, Ripple will deliver their frozen yogurt at a low $2 delivery charge. There is a 2 cup minimum, but really, that’s a great deal!

I hope to see this dessert delivery trend catch on across the rest of the front-range, because I, unfortunately, live outside of the Ripple Boulder delivery area.  What a genius idea and fabulous offer to extend to the Boulder frozen yogurt goers and Ripple lovers!  I am an enormous fan of Ripple and their all natural frozen yogurt.  I am not, though, a huge fan of fruity frozen yogurt flavors, but Ripple does it right! And I will only dine on theirfruity frozen yogurt! I’ve tried every single one of their fruity fro-yo medleys, including Red Raspberry,  Blackberry,  Passion Fruit and the Super Fruit Blend

Good to the last drop!

and let me tell you that the mixture actually tastes like what it’s called, and fresh at that.  Once you’ve selected the perfectly blended and flawlessly creamy preferred flavor, you can top it off with any number of varieties of fresh fruit, chocolate, candy and even in-house, fresh-baked treats!  Ripple not only offers some of the finest blends of frozen yogurt, they also staff a top-notch baker who keeps fresh Nutella brownies, cookies and even gluten-free options stocked to add to your frozen yogurt or, heck, eat all by itself! Have no fear you chocolate fans—- Ripple does have some fantastic blends for those fro-yo’ers who have more of a sweet tooth for traditional dessert.  Chocolate, Peanut Butter (guess what you get with the twist), Vanilla, Cup Cake Batter and Red Velvet are available along with all of the yummy chocolate and candy toppings you crave to accompany.  Need something to cleanse your palette before or after your divine dessert experience?  Ripple has you covered with a huge water basin flavored with fresh lemon and strawberry, free to enjoy.

Flavored Water Effect

Alright, aside from Ripple having the most delicious frozen yogurt on the planet, the store itself is pretty fun.  They have a neon lighted ceiling that, at night, reflects to create a “ripple effect” on the tiled floor. The fro-yo machines are tucked into a floor-to-ceiling purple glass tiled wall.  There are two flat screens above the register.  One displays information about Ripple, the other features a virtual fish tank.  Music plays at a comfortable level and it’s not obnoxious music but a genre of classics that fits the frozen yogurt shop “vibe”.  Ripple is clean, friendly, affordable and fun.  The frozen yogurt is superb.  Ripple has a fan for life, and I will be back for more.  If only I lived in Boulder, then I could have it delivered at my door!

"I'm a Rippler!"

"I'm a Rippler!"

-Rachael @

Blush Frozen Yogurt, Burlingame, CA

Fro-yo girl here. I’m pleased to be joining “thefrozenyogurt review” site as a fro-yo shop reviewer. I plan to bring you regular fro-yo shop reviews.

First up is oneof my favorite fro-yo shops, Blush Organic Frozen Yogurt. They four locations in the Bay Area, including Dublin, Burlingame, San Francisco, and Walnut Creek. I recently returned to their Burlingame location. The fro-yo flavors rotate but you’ll always find Original Tart and Blush (pomegranate-dragonfruit). What makes Blush special is their organic fro-yo flavors. It’s rare to encounter organic fro-yo. They create their own fro-yo flavors, using all natural ingredients, and Straus Family Creamery’s organic milk and yogurt. You can taste the difference in the fro-yo. It always tastes natural and has real yogurt flavor. The texture is smooth and thick, neither too creamy nor icy. It has a refreshing edge, a clean finish and average level of tanginess.

Fro-yo prices:

  • Original: Small $3/ Medium $4/ Large $5
  • Flavored: Small $3.50/ Medium $4.50/ Large $5.50

They’re also committed to customer service and that means that they make your fro-yo look lovely. The Blush Burlingame location is filled with thoughtful touches, including free wi-fi, a place for your umbrellas, 3 huge TV screens, iPod dock, and plenty of places to hang out and lounge. The eco-friendly décor with green walls with fluttering butterflies, recycled glass tabletops, floors made out of recycled materials, skylights, and earthtones looks serene and welcoming. There’s a gorgeous hidden outdoor patio in the back.

In addition to 6 flavors of fro-yo, 36 toppings (the usual toppings though you will see things like sugar wafers and moon pies from time to time) and freshly shaved chocolate as a topping option, Blush Burlingame carries Mitchell’s Ice Cream of San Francisco, Hawaiian shaved ice, Blush Mix’n (fro-yo and your choice of topping mixed together), iced tea and cookie cones. You can also get chocolate dipped fro-yo cones – so good!

Toppings bar

This downtown Burlingame location appeals to moms with young kids who are looking for a healthy, all natural snack. Finding parking in downtown Burlingame is the only negative.

Rating: 5/5

You know you love me.  X0 X0, fro-yo girl.

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* BLUSH ORGANIC FROZEN YOGURT: 1212 Donnelly Ave., Burlingame, CA

Spooners Frozen Yogurt- Boulder, Colorado (29th Street)

Spooners Frozen Yogurt- Boulder, CO (29th Street)

Spooners is a local Colorado frozen yogurt company, with a location in Fort Collins and one location in Boulder at the 29th Street Mall. I recently visited the Boulder location.  Let me start off by saying that Spooners found a great spot to “put up shop”. The 29th Street Mall is a fairly large outdoor mall area tucked in the heart of downtown Boulder and it is always packed and bustling.  Spooners’ residence here  features a good-sized store front and they have really created a unique fro-yo space.  There is a ton of seating, with clean, modern tables.  They offer some additional bench (or booth) seating and also have a raised bar area.  They even have a lounge space with comfortable leather couches and some amazing leather, ergonomic chairs that come from a fellow local retailer.  The lounge area is centered on a large flat-screen and a fireplace.  Spooners does a great job of enticing customers to hang out and stay awhile with the frozen yogurt treats.  While there, I did notice two couples that were doing just that, enjoying their delicious desserts and the wonderful atmosphere.  I am a huge fan of their fireplace.  It was a fantastically practical touch to add some extra heat to the cold Colorado wintery air and invite customers to relax with their frozen yogurt.  Not to mention, it looks pretty.

Let’s get down to business with flavors and toppings.  Their machines are 2 flavors with twist, which is most common, but they’ve come up with, what I think is, very clever marketing for the twist.   They’ve included pictures on their labels and they have uniquely matched flavors to make some very exciting “twists”.  For instance, they’ve matched “Cake Batter” and “Maple Syrup” to make “Pancake Breakfast”.  I mean,  if you look at the picture, who could turn that down! Yum! I chose the combo of “Country Vanilla” and “Apple Pie”, creating “Apple Pie Ala Mode”.  No complaints with texture/consistency.  It was smooth and savory.  I did make the terrible mistake, though, of going too crazy with toppings.  I stuck to the “chips”— chocolate, white chocolate and butterscotch. Too many chips!!!  I also added brownie.  To my surprise the brownie chunks were very moist and tasted fresh.  Even when I make brownies at home, if they’ve been sitting out for more than a couple of hours they turn hard (I blame altitude) but theirs were great! I actually ruined my fro-yo so badly with “chip” overload that I ended up just picking out the brownies and they hit the spot.  Most of the candy toppings are wall-mounted in the old-time soda shop style,

with turn lever.  I am not a master of the turn, hence my topping frenzy.  I didn’t count the

The Wall of Candy

wall mounted toppings, but I would guess there to be at around 25- 30 varieties.  Spooners offers additional “candy” toppings (such as the brownies) and fresh fruits in a bar setting right before the register.  Again, I didn’t count, but my estimate would be probably an additional 20- 30 or so selections.  Great variety!  Also, they did offer some topping choices I haven’t seen many other places, such as candy-coated and other varieties of sunflower seeds.  I give toppings 5 out of 5 stars.  Both areas were clean and containers were kept filled.  I give the fro-yo  5 out of 5 stars as well.  I sabotaged my cup, so I didn’t get to enjoy every last bite, but I did indulge quite a bit on the frozen yogurt by itself before my toppings explosion and again, it was superbly smooth and delicious.  The atmosphere here, though, is off the charts!  You can tell that the people of Spooners love their frozen yogurt diners and want them to stay a while!  I’ll be interested to see where Spooners pops up next!

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Buying frozen yogurt machines overseas

Buying soft serve machines overseas, or importing frozen yogurt machines – and why you must reconsider.

A lot of our partners have brought this up, but more importantly we have received several questions from store owners who bought machines directly from another country and are now having BIG problems.

Some things we have seen:

Frozen yogurt machines without UL or NSF certification:   Guess what, your health inspector isn’t going to let you open – neither is the fire marshal likely to allow you to move forward.

Scams:  there are a lot of people in other countries taking pictures of machines and factories from other websites and manipulating email addresses etc to get orders for 10s of thousands of dollars, many times the orders are never shipped and can not be tracked.

Parts and service:  what happens in 6 months when your machine stops working or you need new parts.  These owners are now having to try to order parts from oversees because they wanted to save a little money up front.  Guess what, now your store has machines that are out of service for a month or more while you wait for the parts and pray that they send the correct product, also who will install these parts and service?  This does not make sense to us.  Buy a soft serve machine from a local (US) company who can provide you with parts, customer service, parts and training.   Saving a couple thousand dollars up front is not going to make sense in August when your patrons decide to go to another frozen yogurt store because you have broken machines – this will likely cost your business an excess of $40,000 of sales, and this is just for the first occurance!!!

Heres a question, are you buying your car from another country to avoid dealer fees in the USA, probably not…  Yeah,  you might drive a Toyota, but you still buy it from a local dealer.  There is a reason for this.  Did you go to India to purchase your computer?  No, you didn’t – so why are we seeing people trying to import their own frozen yogurt machines for a self serve store?  If you are interested in importing then go into the importing business, not the retail restaurant business!!!

We’ve all seen the wannabe serial entrepreneurs who have 10 jobs on top of their commission only sales job and participate in MLM scams.   These people are never successful!

Focus on opening a great store, shop around for a good frozen yogurt machine at a good price, but don’t be a fool and try to learn a new business just to save a couple bucks on your frozen yogurt equipment, it will end up costing you in the long run.


Cleaning your frozen yogurt machine

We have received several questions from people asking how often to clean their frozen yogurt machines.  Here is an answer given from one of our partners Jeff at Forte Supply:

First of all, it should be determined by the city health inspector when and how to clean frozen yogurt machines – they are the officials of health!  This information is given as a general rule and not meant to overturn any information given by a professional.

That being said I recommend our clients to  clean their machines weekly.  It takes over 7 days for the yogurt culture to begin to grow new bacteria if it is kept at a temperature under 42 degrees in the mixing hopper and in the freezing cylinder.  Cleaning the machines daily is unnecessary, costly, and a waste of time.   On the other hand, you do not want to wait more than 6 days to clean ice cream machines.  I recommend every 5 days, this is ideal for the longevity of the machine as well as for health reasons.  Daily measures should be taken to make sure the machine is kept clean, and covered, and at the correct temperature.  The yogurt or ice cream mix should never be higher then 42 degrees.  Also, the mix hopper is always to be covered so that dirt, dust, or other items do not fall in.  Keep the stainless steel, plastic, and any items in contact with people or product clean and wiped often with a sanitary solution and towel.  These things should be done several times per day.  The cleaning of the inside of the machine, including freezing cylinders, valves, mixers, and hoppers is not necessarily as often.

When cleaning the machine it is important to use the correct mix of cleaning solution made specifically for soft serve machines, also it is important to use food grade sanitary lubricant on any pieces that need to be lubricated.  Do not use substitutions for these two items.  For instance, please do not use bleach or your own cleaning solution to save money.  Don’t use petroleum jelly or cooking oil as lubricant.  If you are unsure, then ask.

One more thing, don’t forget to turn your machine off or to clean when cleaning or rinsing with water.  Many times this step is forgotten and the machine is on, freezes the water, jams the freezing cylinder, and causes major problems!  Take your time to learn the proper procedure and avoid losses.

For more information on cleaning a frozen yogurt machine or for any questions relating to frozen yogurt equipment feel free to call us at 888-610-5520


Jeff Resnick – Forte Supply