Welcome to The Frozen Yogurt Review…

Welcome to The Frozen Yogurt Review!  We have created this site to bring you information on all things frozen yogurt.  This site is intended to educate you on frozen yogurt and bring you reviews on different frozen yogurt businesses.

We will have two main sections:

The Frozen Yogurt Review will include reviews on frozen yogurt stores and franchises, frozen yogurt machines, frozen yogurt mix, and frozen yogurt suppliers.  Each review is carefully considered to give you the most information whether you are looking from a business or personal standpoint.  Users also will interact on this website to give their own ratings and reviews.  We encourage discussion.

The Frozen Yogurt 411 will have more general information on frozen yogurt. Here you will find ideas, how to’s, facts about frozen yogurt, how to open your own frozen yogurt store, how frozen yogurt is made, how frozen yogurt machines work, health and nutritional facts, a question and answer section, and user stories including success and failures. This sections will also include a brief history of the frozen yogurt business, and links to other frozen yogurt sites.  Again, we encourage your discussion and contributions to this site, we are looking to create the most comprehensive guide on the internet to all things frozen yogurt.


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About Frozen Yogurt…

Frozen deserts are no new concept, in fact the idea of a frozen treat goes as far back as several thousand years when flavored ices where made.  However, it wasn’t until much later that Marco Polo introduced these asian “water ices” to Italy.  The popularity grew and by the 1800s ice cream was introduced throughout europe and into the United States.  Hand freezers were first invented in the mid 1800s which lead for the first time to wholesale ice cream manufacturing in the United States.  It wasn’t until the 1960s, however, that technology allowed for ice cream machines able to process high volumes of ice cream.  Frozen Yogurt was first introduced some time in the 1970s with a poor response due to the flavor and poor marketing as far as health is concerned.  By the 80s manufacturers had came up with new better tasting frozen yogurt flavors and recipes and marketed frozen yogurt to a quickly growing health conscious population.  Frozen Yogurt took off and several of the major ice cream vendors were soon seen making their own brands of frozen yogurt, the low calorie desert was finally a success!  Recently, in the new millennium, sparked by celebrities, pink berry, and a new wave of consciousness regarding health, frozen yogurt has taken off to new levels!  Not only is frozen yogurt low in calories and fat compared to other frozen deserts, frozen yogurt also has live cultures and probiotics that a growing population is starting to recognize for improving health.  Frozen yogurt is actually a healthy treat!

Frozen yogurt is made very similar to ice cream which is why they use the same machine for production.  The ingredients are even very similar.  The major difference from frozen yogurt to ice cream is that frozen yogurt has lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilous which are the two cultures or probiotics that lend to frozen yogurts unique flavor and health benefits.  The two major parts of frozen yogurt are water and air.  The major ingredient in frozen yogurt is milk and milk products which are mostly lactose, protein, and minerals.  The other ingredients which make up a very small percentage of frozen yogurt are natural fruit flavors, egg solids, color, citrates and phosphates, and mineral salts.