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Frozen Yogurt Program for Schools, By Soft Serve Solutions

Soft Serve Solutions has partnered with Honey Hill Farms to offer a frozen yogurt program for schools.  Details can be found here.

According to the website, Soft Serve Solutions offers a Spaceman USA soft serve machine free of charge with the purchase of frozen yogurt mix.  Over 20 flavors of Honey Hill Farms frozen yogurt are available to choose from.  Each of the flavors meet USDA Smart Snack food guidelines.

What’s included?

SSS frozen yogurt program for schools will include the following:

  • frozen yogurt machine from Spaceman USA
  • frozen yogurt liquid mix from Honey Hill Farms
  • training on how to properly use the machine
  • service and warranty
  • seven day a week technical support
  • maintenance program includes preventative maintenance, sanitize solutions, lubricant, and wearable parts

What does it Cost?

Soft Serve Solutions has made a very simple program for schools to participate in.  Your only cost is for the frozen yogurt product.  Cost is calculated by ounce, product comes in cases with 4 gallons each.  Each flavor is approved USDA Smart Snack – this is a great opportunity for members of the School Nutrition Association to bring in a healthy fun program to their school district.

Soft Serve Solutions School Frozen Yogurt Program

Soft Serve Solutions offers a Frozen Yogurt Program for schools which includes equipment, product, and training.

About Soft Serve Solutions

From website:

Soft Serve Solutions was created to help independent restaurants, ice cream shops, frozen yogurt shops, schools and hospitals with offering soft serve products to their customers. Through our experience and network of resources we have many solutions to help your business succeed and grow. It is our mission to offer personal service to each of our customers all while reducing cost and delivery times of products and services. We are a family owned business that values our employees and customers. We take the time to care for our customers’ needs. It is our passion to deliver the best quality products and services in the frozen beverage and soft serve industry.

For more information on Honey Hill farms or Spaceman USA please see previous blog posts and reviews.

Brand Cautions – Alpine Freezer Review

We have wrote about companies to watch out for in the past, over the last several months we have recieved negative reviews from Alpine Freezer customers and would like to share some of what we have found from BBB and other sources:

Alpine Freezer BBB Page

Complaints against Alpine Freezer on BBB

Complaint: I am the CFO of a company that purchased a FROYO machine from Alpine Freezer. The first machine, delivered in May, appeared to have been dropped at some point prior to or during shipment. It was severely dented on arrival and would not freeze the yogurt. Alpine Freezer, after more than a month of chasing/many repeated phone calls and emails to customer service and the salesman, finally responded by first sending out a technician who was unable to fix the machine and then ultimately agreeing to “do the right thing” by replacing the broken machine. What at first seemed to be positive news quickly became a nightmare as the replacement machine is inoperable! The FROYO machine literally delivers a strong electrical shock to anyone who touches it. After yet another month+ of chasing/repeated phone calls and emails requesting either a replacement or technical repair, customer service FINALLY responded and sent their technician who was unable to properly determine the cause of the electrical emission or fix the broken machine. It has been almost 2 more months at this point. My management team and I have continued to chase Alpine Freezer, on an almost daily basis, to no avail. We are requesting that they take back their machine and remit a full refund of the $6,000 we paid them in good faith for a functioning FROYO machine. We signed our contract with Alpine back in the Spring. We have, at this point, lost a full summer season of expected revenue. The owner, Duc N*****, refuses to return our phone calls. Through his saleman, I have even offered to work out a repayment plan for the $6,000, if he/his company’s cash situation is such that he can’t afford to pay it in one lump sum. Last week, On 9/10/15, Duc finally promised, via his salesman, to mail the refund check to me on 9/11/15 and confirm via email on that date that his promise to refund was fulfilled. The email and the check never arrived as promised and, once again, no one at Alpine Freezer will pick up the phone or respond to my emails. Alpine is in breach of contract as we do not have an operational machine and Duc N***** refuses to work with me to remit a full refund. Duc N***** is unresponsive, unprofessional and is NOT to be trusted. The machines delivered to us were both broken/inoperable and customer service over the past 5 LONG months has been horrendous.This company should be shuttered immediately for poor business practices.

Desired Settlement: As explained above, Alpine Freezer is in breach of contract. We contracted for a functioning frozen yogurt machine and they have been unable to deliver an operable machine. Duc N***** (Business Owner) verbally agreed, via his salesman, on 9-10-15 to a full refund of $6,000 to be mailed on 9-11-15. This agreement was documented as confirmation of our verbal agreement in an email sent to me by his salesman, Kerry Kuykendall, with Duc cc’d on 9-10-15. Our agreement states that once the check clears into our bank, his company can make arrangements to pick up their broken machine. I expect Duc N***** to remit our deposit, in full, in the amount of $6,000 asap.

Complaint: ***, it is time I actually put in notes my dis-satisfaction with my machines. I can honestly say these machines are not quality machines, nor are they even close to the machines you guaranteed me would perform fantasticly for my business.  I have had MULTIPLE issues with my machines. Some fixed quickly, some taking weeks or months to get you to resolve. In short, while I have only had the machines 2 years now, I have replaced 7 compressors, 2 fan motors, 2 drive motors, 2 thermostats, 2 electronic boards, multiple fittings cracked causing Freon leaks, and a long list of several other items. This has truly been a very unpleasant experience. I can not rely on these machines to perform properly on any given day.

I have come to work to find yogurt all over my floor, draining out the back of the machine. I’ve had oil contaminating my yogurt many many times, fighting this again now and still do not know where it is coming from, I suspect from the drive motor but do not know why. I have had all kinds of noises and each machine performs differently. There are different fittings on different machines, etc.  I am not sure if I got the first of these type of machines, or the last, or the rejects, or what. But I do know that they have been less than satisfactory for my business.  Even my customers say they break all the time.

Getting the machines repaired is a major hassle. I have to wait long periods of time for you to reply to me sometimes and then another long period of time for you to send an item. I waited 3 1/2 months for you to send your tech and then he comes in, makes some changes and then leaves with two machines not working, leaving me to wait again to get them fixed. Then it takes even more time for you to cover the repair costs, sometimes having to send multiple requests.

I really feel these machines have not lived up to the quality you advertise or expressed to me. I am not sure how to resolve all these issues or concerns. I know you have felt my frustrations at times, and if not, I’m sure you do now. I have tried and tried to be patient, but it seems I constantly have an issue which causes loss of revenue for me.

Desired Settlement: I am copying this email to the Better Business Bureau as well as you and Kerry. I undoubtedly feel you sold me “lemons” and somehow we need to resolve.  I can not continue to have as many issues as I have had and have these machines not perform well.

Problems with Product/Service


I had been working with Duc N***** of Alpine Freezer and purchased 5 ******* machines from him this year. Along with this purchase, we were given a three (3) year warranty on all our machines. From day one we started experiencing problems and Duc kept refusing to send a technician to come fix my… machines. I would have to call 5-6 times a day for a week before he finally actually sent someone. A month later, I received a call from Hennry Z**** (*********************; *** ******** ** **** *******.) who claimed that Duc had gone out of business and that he is taking over our account. I told him of the problems with my machines and he immediately sent an invoice of the cost to fix it. I told him that I was still under the Alpine warranty but he said he has nothing to do with that. When I went back to ask Duc about the situation, he ignored me. I have now invested $50,000 in the machines I purchased from Duc N***** of Alpine Freezer and they are all defective and I have no one to come fix them. Not sure if Duc really did go out of business and if this Henrry character did in fact take over his business. But if so, I should still be protected by the warranty.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionI would like Duc or Hennry to honor three (3) year warranty on the freezers I purchased and send their technicians as needed. If not, to return the defective machines.

Guarantee/Warranty Issues


We purchased three new machines from Alpine Freezer in August of 2015 and they were delivered in December of 2015. Two weeks into operation (February) two of the three failed. It is now 10 months into the year and they are still not working. Additionally, one of the machines were damaged during… shipping and the shipping company claims they paid a claim to Alpine on the machine and yet we have not received any repairs or new machine sent to us. These deficiencies are well within the advertised Warranty. Our business is suffering because we have defective machines. We would just like to have our machines all working again.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionAll we desire is for someone to contact us so that they can repair and/or replace our machines.

Guarantee/Warranty Issues


I bought four frozen yogurt machines from alpine freezers. and there have been nothing but problems. i currently have one machine that doesn’t work and another that works occasionally. for the last eighteen months I’ve tried getting the issue resolved but no one from the company has returned my…phone calls or emails.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionI would like for my machines to be serviced and repaired as the company website and contract states

Guarantee/Warranty Issues


I bought an Alpine Machine after being assured it would make a very good soft serve ice cream cone as we serve soft serve ice cream. This machine will not make an ice cream cone. I bought the machine in June of 2014. It took over a year to get an Alpine tech to look at the machine. He said this… machine will not make an ice cream cone. I have had my own service tech work on the machine several times, under the direction of Duc N***** the owner of Alpine freezer several times. There has been no resolution. I have numerous phone calls, emails and texts with Duc N***** and Kerry K******** *since July of 2014 stating this machine will make ice cream cones. It will not. I want this issue resolved. Alpine doesn’t seem to care about their customers.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionI want a refund and will gladly return the machine at Alpine e Freezers expense.

WARNING - Alpine Freezer

Do not buy Alpine Freezer – despite multiple lawsuits and complaints on BBB Alpine Freezer continues with clever marketing such as this.  Alpine does not manufacture nor have manufacturing agreements with partners, they simply import the cheapest machines they can find and slap stickers on them.

How to Make your Frozen Yogurt Shop Attractive to Tourists

How to Make your Frozen Yogurt Shop Attractive to Tourists

If you own a restaurant, it is no secret that tourists can bring you tons of business. According to Food Services of America, tourists account for half the sales of restaurants that average $25 or more on a ticket and 20 to 25 percent of restaurants that average less than $25 per ticket. Basically, tourists can mean everything to a business. Attracting tourists to your fro-yo shop is not just good business practices, it is practically essential knowing these numbers.

So what’s the best way to get tourists out from their hotel rooms and visiting your frozen yogurt store? Here are a few suggestions to make your frozen yogurt store a destination that tourists want to visit and tell their friends and family back home about:

  1. Be easy to find. This may go without saying, but make your business visible both physically and online. If your shop doesn’t have a big sign or banner saying who you are and what you sell, then you may lose a lot of tourism business (or really, just customers in general). To attract tourists it is also crucial to have an online presence. Make an effort to have your fro-yo store to be as visible as possible on search engines by using effective search engine optimization (or SEO) tactics. Be sure to also manage your online presence on sites such as Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Local, and other similar sites. Respond to any negative customer comments as well as the glowing reviews. froYO
  2. Have something uniquely local. When tourists visit different cities they are looking for a unique experience from what they have at home. If your town is famous for its local chocolate, be sure to have that as a topping. If your town has its own local soda company (like Seattle has Jones, for example) then be sure to stock that product for your customers. Have local magazines and even brochures so your customers can get good suggestions of where to hang out.
  3. Have WiFi for your guests. If you set it up, they will come. Tourists are always looking for a good local hangout with WiFi so that they can map out their next excursion or so they can update social media (bonus points if you have a place on Facebook where they can check in)ICe Cream
  4. Be helpful to tourists. Train your staff to be knowledgeable about the area and to give helpful suggestions to visitors about where to go eat dinner, where to find museums, and what the best activities for kids are in your town. Your frozen yogurt store is part of the local economy, so it’s good to help support it.
  5. Talk to hotels and other lodging areas about your business. If you really want to make an impression on visitors, it would be a great idea to get help from your local concierges. Invite them to try out your frozen yogurt store and they might feel so inclined to tell your guests about a sweet dessert spot in town.











There are several different ways to get tourists into your door, but this list can get you started on making your frozen yogurt store the dessert destination in your town.

Frozen Yogurt Review

Frozen Yogurt Review

Frozen Yogurt is Here, There, and Everywhere!

Frozen Yogurt is Here, There, and Everywhere!

Frozen yogurt is no secret, and now it seems to be just about everywhere. With dozens of press releases sent out daily about new frozen yogurt franchises opening in various cities across the country, it seems there is no better time to enter the frozen yogurt marketplace with your nose to the grindstone.

Frozen yogurt shops are literally popping up everywhere, and not just in traditional brick and mortar shops. Oklahoma City-based frozen yogurt retailer Orange Leaf published a press release on April 9th, saying that it signed its first frozen yogurt kiosk agreements with franchisees.

“Orange Leaf kiosks will offer customers the same self-serve, choose-your-own-toppings froyo experience that fans love about Orange Leaf in a compact layout that can be customized by franchisees to suit the unique square footage and building specifications of smaller retail spaces in locations such as malls, airports, stadiums, theme/amusement parks, office buildings, university campuses, casinos and train or bus stations. The kiosk model can be about half the cost of a traditional store depending on its size, and offers a more dynamic and flexible layout. Kiosk size options range from 50 to 500 square feet and can accommodate up to eight machines and a toppings bar,” the press release stated.


Orange Leaf Kiosks

The kiosks will first appear on July 1st this year in Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio, Texas and the second will open in Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights, Michigan in August. And frozen yogurt goes down under in September when the first Orange Leaf franchise opens in the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre in Richmond Victoria, Australia. Now, Australians can indulge on one of America’s favorite sweet treats.

Frozen yogurt is now a mobile dessert as well as an international one. Urban Americans have become crazy about their food trucks that are easily accessible at parks, events and games, and now Fresno, California can enjoy delicious frozen yogurt via truck. 

The Clovis Independent writes, “The pink and white truck is just like a frozen yogurt shop — it can serve eight flavors from four self-serve dispensers and has a toppings bar — except that it’s on the side of a truck. Customers serve themselves and pay by the ounce.Cantrell will be taking his truck to events including school carnivals and fundraisers, and he hopes to be at local fairs.”

If you are thinking about opening up your own frozen yogurt shop or you already own a frozen yogurt store and are thinking about expanding, going mobile in kiosks or in food trucks seems like the next level of this tasty trend. When you are in the frozen yogurt industry it’s important that you both satisfy your returning customer as well as making sure that you keep on trend.fro yo blog

If you decide to open up a frozen yogurt kiosk or a frozen yogurt food truck, be sure that you’re still following all health regulations as well as making sure that you are still advertising just as you would with a traditional brick and mortar store.  As always, remember to have fun. This is the frozen yogurt industry, after all.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post!!!

Frozen Yogurt Review

Frozen Yogurt Review

Frozen Yogurt Shop Events: How to Use your Frozen Yogurt Shop as an Event Space!

Frozen Yogurt Shop Events:

If you’re a frozen yogurt shop owner, whether it is a franchise or your own local store, you are most likely constantly looking for ways to increase revenue in your store. One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to generate revenue for your store is to open up an area to host frozen yogurt shop events. If your storefront is large enough and you have the staff capability, this is a really excellent way to connect with your customers and to sell a lot of frozen yogurt! Here are five tips on how to use your frozen yogurt shop as an event space:


FroYo Birthday Party!!!

  1. Come up with a base price for the room rental. Depending on the size of your space and the availability of your staff, you need to come up with a solid number to reserve the room. Check around your area for the competition’s prices, or if you’re a franchise owner contact your corporate office to see what the correct rate is for your area.
  2. Brainstorm a few different types of package deals that your customer caimages-1n choose from. Not every single customer is going to have the same kind of needs for their frozen yogurt event / party, so you’ll need to be able to have a few different party choices so that they won’t have to overpay for a small gathering or that you’ll lose money on a large party. A good rule to start with is to brainstorm three different package deals priced from low to medium to high number of guests.
  3. Decorate your frozen yogurt shop event space. Some restaurants that rent out a room for an event have a blank canvas when it comes to decorations and allow their guests to come in early and decorate for the party while others have theirs decorated all year round. Decide which direction you want to go with and make sure you include that in the contract that you agree on with your customer.


    Frozen Yogurt Party Flyer

  4. Advertise, advertise, advertise. This may go without saying, but if you’re going to be hosting events in your frozen yogurt shop then your customers need to know about it. Post pictures of events on your Instagram, Facebook and company Twitter accounts. Give your guests a special hashtag so that they can gather all their photos and advertise your business all at once. Have a sign in your store to inquire about events with management. Write a press release and send it to the local newspaper. Do anything you can to get your space noticed.images
  5. Keep a good calendar. You don’t want to overbook or double book. Be organized and make sure you keep a detailed account of every single event that you schedule. You want to ensure that every customer has an excellent experience that they can tell all their friends about. You also want to be sure to impress all of the guests at the event so that they will keep you in mind for their child’s birthday party, their boss’s retirement party or a very sweet rehearsal dinner. 

What is the Shelf Life of Frozen Yogurt Toppings?

What is the Shelf Life of Frozen Yogurt Toppings?

Owning your own frozen yogurt franchise is a fun way to make a living, but it also comes with a great responsibility to the health and safety of your customers. Although a frozen yogurt shop is not necessarily a full-fledged restaurant, there are still many rules and regulations that your store must comply with so that you make sure that your customers are not potentially being exposed to bacteria. Not only do you need to make sure that the yogurt itself is safe and has been kept cold for your customers, but you also need to make sure you are storing your toppings and other food items at appropriate temperatures. Here is a quick guide to the shelf lives of some popular items that may be in your fro yo shop. (Remember, these are just quick tips for the frozen yogurt novice or a refresher for old pros. Always be sure to check the guidelines of your frozen yogurt franchise or supervisor to make sure you are meeting all their requirements first and foremost.) Here are a few examples of the shelf lives of certain toppings according to


Fresh Organic Nuts & Seeds

  • Nuts (such as peanuts, walnuts, pecans). Most nuts can be stored in a pantry for about 6-9 months and can be stored in a freezer for up to one year. Always be sure to keep nuts contained in their own dishes and make sure that utensils touching nuts are not used for another type of topping as to help protect people with severe nut allergies.
  • Canned fruit. Many frozen yogurt shops use canned fruit at their toppings bar such as maraschino cherries, mandarin oranges or pineapple. Canned fruit typically has a shelf life of seven days after it has been opened. Store in an airtight container in temperatures below 75 degrees.
  • Fresh blueberries. Fresh fruit doesn’t have as long of a shelf life as canned fruit, so blueberries will last about 2-3 days if not refrigerated. Keep blueberries in a container with a lid to keep out moisture until ready for use.

Strawberry-Banana – Fresh Frozen Yogurt Toppings

  • Fresh strawberries. Fresh strawberries should be consumed on the same day of purchase. Be sure to wash strawberries thoroughly before sitting out on toppings bar. If frozen, fresh strawberries can typically have a shelf life of six months.
  • Fresh bananas. Once fresh bananas have been cut, they will start to brown within a few hours. Unopened bananas have a shelf life of about 2-3 days, depending on how ripe you prefer your banana.
  • Chocolate. Although it depends on the type of chocolate you set out, chocolate usually has a fairly long shelf life. Chocolate chips have a shelf life of two to four months when just stored in the pantry. As long as chocolate chips are stored in a cool, dry place in a clean container it will last you quite a long time. Chocolate candy bars also have a shelf life of about two to four months when stored in a pantry in a cool, dry climate. When chocolate is frozen it can have a shelf life upwards of eight months.   fresh-chocolate-drops

How to Use QR Codes for Your Frozen Yogurt Business

QR codes are a great way to generate interest and revenue for your fro yo business, as well as keeping you up to date on the latest social media trends in business. QR codes have been around for a while, but continue to be an effective way to market your business to new customers and to send deals and savings for repeat customers.

QR Codes for Your Frozen Yogurt Business-2

QR Codes for Your Frozen Yogurt Business

What is a QR code?

A QR code is similar to a barcode on a product at a store, but its use is much different. A QR code is a code that is read by an imaging device, such as an iPhone, android device, or a tablet. When a device with a camera reads a QR code it is taken to a link to digital content online. You can easily generate your own QR code for your business at sites such as Kaywa or Kerem Erkan. Depending on the QR generator, you can put in url information for your business and the generator will output a type of image such as a PNG, PDF, TIFF, or EPS. Once you have the image of your QR code, the opportunities for advertising for your frozen yogurt business are endless.


What types of advertising could I put my QR code on?

There are so many ways you can use your QR code in advertising. You could put your QR code on:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Sides of trucks or other business vehicles
  • Brochures
  • Menus
  • Receipts
  • Sides of frozen yogurt cups
  • Glass doors of your business
  • Posters advertising your business
  • Signs on events for your surrounding community, if applicable


What should I link to on my QR code?

You can have QR codes for different purposes. You could have QR code that links directly to:

  • Your company’s main website
  • Your company’s social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • A special deal going on at your shop, such as a frozen yogurt happy hour or a buy one get one free event
  • Directions to your business
  • An email template that is for an FAQ or customer comments and or/ complaints
  • A special page for an event that’s happening at your shop
  • A poll of your customer’s favorite frozen yogurt flavors or favorite toppings
  • A link to put in your email information for special deals and savings

QR codes are easy to use and are a great way to use social media and new technology for your frozen yogurt business. Your customers, although are most likely a wide variety of ages, will be familiar with the practice of QR codes.

QQR Codes for Your Frozen Yogurt Business-2

QR Codes for Your Frozen Yogurt Business



The best part about QR codes is that you can generate them for free. This gives all businesses an equal opportunity to reach out to their respective customers in a very personal way. The beauty of QR codes is that you are not necessarily shoving advertisements into your customer’s lap, but they are actively seeking out the information about your frozen yogurt business.

Logo for Frozen Yogurt Businesses!

Picking the right logo for your fro-yo business!!!!

Creating A Logo


Creating a frozen yogurt store logo seems straightforward, but if you want to have an effective logo you have to put in effort. Think hard about what you want your frozen yogurt store to feel like and what type of impression you want to leave on your customers. 

A Logo for your Frozen Yogurt Businesses is a visual representation of everything your company stands for. Think of your favorite company or restaurant, I am sure their logo pops up in your head. The goal of your logo is to enhance potential customers crucial first impression of your business. 

A frozen yogurt logo establishes a brand identity, and is a powerful way to help your business stand out in the minds of your customers. Brand recognition, is key in winning a strong fan base! 

With so many frozen yogurt franchises it is important to create something unique, a great Logo for Frozen Yogurt Businesses. Don’t follow the style of all the other frozen yogurt shops, create something new, people love to talk and creating something that stands out gets people talking! You want to be memorable. New trends start from that idea that sticks out amongst the rest. Be that yogurt shop that wins the race with their one of a kind logo!

Here are some examples of similar frozen yogurt store names:

Frozen Yogurt Store Names


Some people use a persons name as their business name:



When you become set on your brand and logo practice consistency. Developing a consistent brand voice that matches all of your marketing material will create a lasting brand personality. By displaying consistency your frozen yogurt shop will easily be recognizable by your frozen yogurt fans and new frozen yogurt customers. 

This will help you grow your frozen yogurt business in the long term and will keep your customers coming back! 

When the process of creating a logo for your frozen yogurt business is executed successfully, the resulting logo will become a valuable asset for the company’s marketing efforts, which is key in the frozen yogurt industry. 



Happy designing!  


************** Oh and one more thing!

I showcased random frozen yogurt logos to show you how some can be super similar, while others can be unique and unheard of like Anatta – a Buddhist term!  Also some have a personal feeling by using a first name like “Jimbos”!

It all depends on what you want to represent and how you want to display your frozen yogurt shop.

Below are all the logos I used and their Website page link!

  1. SWIRL’S 
  2. Swurlz 
  3. Swirls
  4. Swirl
  5. Swirly’s
  6. MAD Swirls 
  7. Dream Swirls
  8. Berry Swirls
  9. Cameez
  10. Josie’s
  11. Anatta
  12. Ben & Jerry’s
  13. Lexie’s


The Frozen Yogurt Review

The Frozen Yogurt Review 


Good Qualities of a Potential Frozen Yogurt Employee!!!

Good Qualities of a Potential Frozen Yogurt Employee:

Now HiringWhen you own a frozen yogurt business, it’s important to have a staff who are passionate and skilled about your product and who are able to give your customer a smile and give them a great experience so they can be repeat customers. When you are in a position to hire a new employee, here are some good qualities of a potential frozen yogurt employee:

  1. Someone who is enthusiastic. The frozen yogurt industry is fun and exciting, so you want someone to embody that while in your store. Hire someone who is outgoing and lively. You want a frozen yogurt employee who is able to chat with customers with ease, and someone who can be passionate about the business.
  2. Someone who can sell. Although you may forget because of the bright colors and all of the dessert everywhere, but this is a business and your employees need to sell the product. If your store charges $1 more for a waffle cone in your yogurt cup, then make sure your employees mention this to customers. Your frozen yogurt employees should know how to spot opportunities to make more money for your business.
  3. Someone who is responsible. This may go without saying, but you want your potential employee to be responsible. This new employee might be running the store while you are absent, so it’s important that they can handle the responsibility.
  4. Someone who is punctual. If your potential frozen yogurt employee is late to the interview, you may want to rethink hiring them. If your employees are not punctual, then this might mean that you have to run up to the store at night or on a time when you were not previously scheduled. You need to be able to know your store is in good hands when you’re not there.
  5. Someone who knows the product. When you’re hiring a new employee, you need to hire someone who is able to memorize a lot of facts about your product. You want an employee who is able to know which flavors come out on which days, and what frozen yogurt toppings to recommend to customers. If your employees are well-versed in the product then they will be able to sell more and have your customers keep coming back.
  6. Someone who can be trusted. This might be a no-brainer, but you need to be able to trust your potential employee. Call some of their previous employers or their references. Is this someone who you can trust with your business? Employees can handle everything from handling the registers to dropping off the deposit at night. You want to ensure that your business is in good hands.
  7. Someone who can clean. Anyone who has worked in the food industry can tell you that more than half of the job is cleaning. Make sure your potential employee knows that this position comes with some heavy duty cleaning responsibilities as to ensure that your business is complying with all of the health codes.


Below are some frozen yogurt stores that are known to treat their frozen yogurt employees with respect and give all employees the opportunity to grow into higher positions!  


MenchiesMenchies22HERE is link for Menchies career opportunities. Menchies has hundreds of store locations so if you are looking to work at a frozen yogurt shop, this one is a great choice!



Red Mango Job



HERE is Red Mangos job application. Like Menchies, Red Mango has locations in all of the States. Red Mangos commitment is to using only the best all-natural ingredients for their frozen yogurt, parfaits, and smoothies! Check your local Red Mango too see if they are hiring!







HERE is Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt Application. Sweet Frog is a frozen yogurt shop that revolves around making the customers experience the best experience they have ever had! They even featured a Frogger employee recognized as International Champion! Check out the article they posted below! Now thats awesome!













HERE is a link to CUPS Frozen Yogurt Website. CUPS is one of my favorite frozen yogurt franchises! They have amazing customer service and they always have a clean delicious environment! Check out the many CUPS locations to see if one near you is hiring!



I hope you enjoyed this post! I love reading comments and suggestions, so feel free to leave comments and start a dialogue amongst each other! Thanks for allowing me to do what I love, which is all things FROZEN YOGURT!!!!!!

Sincerely The Frozen Yogurt Review!

Frozen Yogurt Vs Ice Cream!

Top Five Reasons to Choose Frozen Yogurt Over Ice Cream!!

This or That

Frozen Yogurt VS Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt shops are popping up all over the place in shopping centers, neighborhoods, and malls. Everyone loves frozen yogurt, sure, but when faced with the choice of frozen yogurt vs. ice cream, why should you choose frozen yogurt? Well, as it turns out, there are quite a few reasons.

IceCream Vs1

Ice Cream VS Frozen Yogurt

1. Frozen yogurt can serve as one of your daily servings of dairy. An adult should consume about three cups of dairy per day, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s “Choose My Plate” site. The consumption of dairy is believed to lead to strong bone health and can often reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and type II diabetes. As if being delicious weren’t enough of a reason to eat frozen yogurt, your bones will benefit from each serving of frozen yogurt that you consume.

2. Frozen yogurt has probiotics, which are micro-organisms that are believed to be good for your overall health. Probiotics in fro-yo can aid with digestion, can reduce allergy symptoms, help to fight obesity, among other health benefits, according to the website There are several products and pills that contain probiotics, but none could possibly be as delicious as frozen yogurt.

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Frozen Yogurt Fruit Topping


3. Frozen yogurt toppings such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or other types of fruit can help you get some of your servings of fruit in for the day. Most Americans don’t get their recommended two cups of fruits per day, and what better way to get those servings in than with frozen yogurt? So the next time you go out for some frozen yogurt, don’t forget to add on plenty of fruit to make your treat a more balanced, nutritious snack.




4. You can choose exactly what’s in your frozen yogurt concoction, versus going to an ice cream shop, where everything is pre-made and you may be unsure of what’s in your dessert. You can choose exactly how much (or how little) of the amount of fro-yo you want to consume, and it generally comes in a cup instead of a cone, which is saving you calories.

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Ice Cream Scoops!


5. Frozen yogurt generally has fewer calories. Fro-yo is generally made with milk, whereas ice cream is made from cream, which can be higher in sugar and in calories. Choosing frozen yogurt over ice cream is better for your health, and can help you stay on track when eating on a diet. Frozen yogurt can be a good motivation to go to a hard work out class and can be just enough of a “cheat” that you don’t consume something unhealthy like cookies, candy, or cake.


Healthy Frozen Yogurt Treat!

So the next time that you’re in the position to choose between getting ice cream or frozen yogurt, make sure to remember all of the health benefits that fro-yo has. The best thing about frozen yogurt is that it’s such a versatile dessert. You can make your fro-yo healthy, choosing to put fruits and nuts on your dessert, or you can also load it up with brownies and hot fudge sauce, when we’re in the mood for something extra sweet.

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Dessert loaded with brownies and hot fudge!